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Together we are ready to make the world a safer place! Swisscom focuses on the needs of its employees, customers and partners and enables them to be fulfilled more securely.

“Special situations require special measures when it comes to security, protection and risk awareness.”

Philippe Vuilleumier
Head of Group Security

Security solutions for business customers

As the leading provider of cyber security solutions, Swisscom offers business clients a comprehensive portfolio of managed security services. More than 1,000 business customers from industries such as finance, health care and security trust our services. We are the first telecommunications service provider in Switzerland to receive ISO-27001 security certification.

Security solutions for private customers

Swisscom offers private customers greater cyber security at home and on the move – including antivirus programs, insurance, call filters and much more.

“Security comes first at Swisscom because it inspires trust.”

CEO Christoph Aeschlimann

Ready for more security

At Swisscom, more than 200 security experts are committed to ensuring information security, data protection and secure network operations on a daily basis.

Data protection

Swisscom does everything in its power to transport and store your data securely on the network and in its data centres. Find out how Swisscom processes your data and how you can keep control of it.

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Bug Bounty

Swisscom is the first company in Switzerland to support the reporting and rapid elimination of security loopholes (bugs) in our products and services with the Bug Bounty programme.




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The IT security specialists on the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) handle defence and threat removal tasks that require a more in-depth analysis. These also include forensic (criminology) tasks and active monitoring after security incidents.




Physical security

Our security experts protect people, information and property from physical threats.



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Platform for internet security

Swisscom is helping the Swiss Internet Security Alliance spread the word about online risks and increase awareness of potential threats among the general population.




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Security Awareness Insider

In this podcast, you will learn creative ways, tools and training approaches to sensitise employees to the topic of security.




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Articles about security

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ISG report

Swisscom again named a top provider of security services

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