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«We want to protect our company data and our network.»

Lots of different cyber attacks are happening every day. Your SME is also at risk. In 2017, one third of all Swiss SMEs fell victim to cyber attacks (NZZ, 2017). Only 40% of the companies actually detected the attacks (KPMG, 2017), with it taking 200 days on average for an attack to be discovered (gfs-Zürich, 2017). Consequences can include system failures, loss of data and financial losses, not to mention damage to your reputation. It’s no surprise then that IT security has become a top priority for directors of Swiss SMEs.

IT Security Check for your SME

Check your IT security and find out how to increase it.

Our security solutions at a glance

Managed Security

  • A powerful firewall with web filter and antivirus (optional) protects your company’s network from cyber danger.

  • The firewall is virtualised in the Swisscom Cloud and therefore has high availability (24×7 surveillance).

  • No limit to available bandwidth.

  • However your company develops, Managed Security will adjust when you scale your system (users, locations or bandwidth).

Per site (first site 60.–/mth.)



Managed Backup

  • Back up your data in the Swisscom cloud in Swiss data centres

  • Daily automated backup of your data

  • Swift recovery of lost or deleted data

  • Support and data recovery by IT partners

Individual price

Get advice on security solutions without obligation

Our security solutions offer you

The highest level of data security

The Swisscom Cloud offers best-in-class security: Secure servers based in Switzerland, highest security standards with tier-4 certified data centres and the most up-to-date software.

Everything from a single source

Having one contact person for everything eliminates the need for tiresome coordination between different partners and suppliers. And: You benefit from an integrated solution for IT and telephony.

Scalable solutions that are always up to date

Thanks to regular updates, our data and network protection solutions are kept up to date. The solution grows with your SME and can be changed at any time.

Internet protection included automatically

Surf safely with Internet Guard. Internet Guard warns you of dangerous websites and automatically blocks dangerous content. What’s more, it is free of charge and activated automatically for all Swisscom customers with an Internet connection.

How companies can benefit from security solutions:

  • Quando la rete della digitalizzazione rinforza le ossa

    Il Zentrum für Chiropraktik (centro di chiropratica) di Zurigo ha digitalizzato tutti i suoi dati e processi, dall’agenda fino alle cartelle dei pazienti. La rete WLAN rappresenta la «spina dorsale tecnica» dell’intero ambulatorio, in quanto consente ai medici di accedere ai dati dei pazienti ovunque e in qualsiasi momento. In tal modo possono dedicare tutto il proprio tempo al trattamento dei pazienti anziché alla tecnologia.

  • «Quando tutto va bene non ti poni mai il problema della sicurezza dei dati.»

    La stanza del server allagata: uno scenario apocalittico per qualsiasi PMI. Anche per Christof Lutz, amministratore delegato della Wilcowa AG Baumaschinen. Un danno idraulico è stato la molla che lo ha spinto a migliorare la sicurezza dei dati in azienda.


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