SMEs are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals because they are less well protected than larger enterprises. Effective baseline protection is therefore of central importance. Well informed employees who understand all the dangers are equally important, however, as human error is responsible for 90 percent of all successful cyber attacks.

IT security is a top-level issue

Responsibility for IT security cannot be delegated. In Switzerland, the Board of Directors and Management Board can ultimately be held responsible for the consequences of an attack. The consequential costs resulting from a successful ransomware attack, for instance, can be significant, potentially leading to the bankruptcy of a company. IT security is therefore a strategic risk consideration. SMEs gain the greatest benefit from IT security solutions that manage the greatest risks without significantly increasing IT complexity. Managed offerings, which work effectively without requiring expertise, are a good option.

Swisscom: A good security partner for your SME

Proven security expertise

We have more than 300 security experts and draw on many years of experience.

Holistic protection

We take care of all aspects of IT security, reducing the complexity for you.

A full-service solution

Our IT security solutions are automatically updated and offer up-to-date protection at all times.

  • 36% of Swiss SMEs have already been the victim of a serious cyber attack.

    FHNW 2021

  • By 2024, a third of all SMEs will be affected by successful cyber attacks every quarter, impacting operations for at least a week.

    IDC, IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Small and Medium-Sized Business 2022 Predictions, 2021

  • 56% of Swiss companies name cyber attacks as one of the three biggest threats to their business.

    Allianz, Allianz Risk Barometer 2021

Our security solutions for your SME

Security Assessment

A no-obligation assessment of your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities by our security experts.

Managed Backup

Regular automatic backup of your data with different storage periods.

Assistance in the event of a cyber attack

Swisscom’s cyber security experts are on hand to help you out in an emergency.

Managed Security

Professional network protection using a firewall with web filter and virus protection.

Internet & Identity Security

Protection software for computers, tablets, smartphones and your digital identity.

Security Awareness Training

Increase your employees’ awareness of IT security and successfully defend against cyberattacks.

Security information for SMEs

Spielregeln für Team-Kommunikation: Vorschaubild

IT Security Check

Check how secure your IT infrastructure is and find out which measures you can take to improve the level of security.

Weg in die Cloud: Vorschaubild

IT security training for employees

Some simple guidelines and tips to better protect your company.

IT Security for SMEs

IT security for SMEs: a guide for small business managers

External partners can often support SMEs in finding their IT security solution. This guide shows how responsibilities are clearly defined and which questions you have to ask.

The biggest IT security challenges facing SMEs


Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities

Your challenge

You want an independent and competent assessment of the current state of your IT security as a basis for the development or revision of your IT security concept as well as for investment and project planning.

Our solution

We analyse your IT infrastructure and your organisational processes, and give you a full picture of potential security loopholes as well as a risk assessment. This is then used as a basis for providing recommendations for action to improve your IT security.

IT protection

All-round protection for IT systems, network and data

Data backup

Data and IT recovery

Risk-based approach for greater IT security

The first step towards greater IT security starts with a risk assessment. We and your IT partner will be happy to support you.

Risk identification and assessment

What needs protecting and why? What is the probability of occurrence and likely extent of the damage?

Risk mitigation

Which risks need to be prevented using technical and organisational measures?

Risk delegation

Which risks can be delegated through outsourcing, service level agreements or cyber insurance?

Risk acceptance

What is the maximum loss of data and downtime that can be knowingly accepted?

Our certified IT partners.


Local service whenever you need it

Local IT partners will advise you on our products and services and provide implementation support.

How can we support you? Get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation with our security experts.