Security-Assessment for SMEs

Security-Assessment: the security analysis for your IT infrastructure

Do you know how well your SME is protected against hacker attacks? Let our security experts identify vulnerabilities in your IT system with a no-obligation assessment. The analysis of your IT infrastructure and organisational processes provides a valuable starting point for improving your IT security.

Security analysis to facilitate targeted use of resources

SME IT security budgets are limited. An important first step, therefore, is to identify and evaluate risks so the scarce resources can be targeted to the biggest threats. Technical and organisational measures can also reduce the risk. Smaller risks can be accepted or delegated, depending on the likelihood of occurrence and the likely extent of damage.


Our Security-Assessment supports you in identifying the optimisation potential of your IT security as well as defining and prioritising pertinent measures. Take this opportunity to improve the IT security of your SME – before anything happens.

Your benefits

Specific plan for identifying and prioritising measures

Decision-making basis for planning security budgets

Competent, product-independent advice from Swisscom Security experts

When is it the right solution?

Would you like to understand the current state of your IT security so you can protect your operations? Do you need evidence to show management the IT security action required? Is the increasing number of cyber attacks giving you cause for concern about the current state of IT security in your company?

Use the findings from the Security-Assessment as a basis for further steps, such as developing or revising an IT security concept. The assessment report also provides guidance for investment planning decisions, such as prioritising measures and creating a security roadmap.

The benefits for you

  • Highlights vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure (vulnerability scan)
  • Evaluates existing technical and organisational protective measures
  • Assessment report with recommendations on improving IT security

Why Swisscom?

  • 360  view: receive a comprehensive overview of your current situation.
  • Individual: receive recommendations for action designed around you.
  • Competent: benefit from our security experts’ many years of expertise.

Product overview

Basic package


  • Your IT infrastructure examined for vulnerabilities and incorrect configurations (vulnerability scan)
  • Organisational and technical security measures evaluated on the basis of structured interviews
  • Final report including action item list
  • IT Infrastructure inventory report
  • Final meeting at your site or online


CHF 4200.–

Additional option

Management presentation

  • A customised presentation of the assessment report for your management
  • In-person discussion with security experts at your premises


CHF 750.–

Get started with the Security-Assessment


The first step

Examining your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities – an important first step to minimise cyber risks. Contact us for free, no-obligation advice.


Security-Assessment factsheet

The Security-Assessment in detail

Vulnerability Scan

The object of this technical analysis is to identify vulnerabilities in the hardware and software you use. Your IT infrastructure, including servers, network components, devices and software, is scanned for vulnerabilities and erroneous configurations for 10 days. The firewall, network and network zones are analysed and the latest versions of software and firmware checked, amongst other things. The results are incorporated into a comprehensive inventory report on the IT infrastructure.

Qualitative interview

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