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Swisscom Health 

The partner of Swiss health care

Enter the digitalised and networked future of health care with Swisscom

New statutory regulations and an ever-more digital population with increasing requirements for the personalisation of services are forcing Swiss health care to become digitally networked and strike out in a new direction.

The resulting seamless data exchange allows all those involved to work together with greater ease and efficiency: service providers save time and increase productivity and service quality, citizens benefit from improved provision and more transparency, and Switzerland cuts health care costs.

This development requires a trustworthy and reliable technology partner. Swisscom is closely linked with Swiss health care: as the ideal partner, we ensure a smooth and secure flow of information with no media interruptions. We connect all key players and citizens.

Our eHealth solutions increase the efficiency of processes, contribute towards the quality of medical care and support preventive measures.

Swisscom Health Connect

Swisscom Health Connect – the data hub for the health care of the future

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Hospital Simple networking

Doctor Faster processes

Private individual All data in one place

Our software and networking solutions are tailored to the requirements of hospitals. Hospital decision-makers rely on solutions that meet the statutory provisions of eHealth in Switzerland and follow its recommendations.

Networking, process optimisation and ongoing development are important for forward-looking health care practices. Thanks to our Software as a Service solution and receivables management, we ensure that there is less bureaucracy in your medical surgery.

Having control over your own health means having all health data in one place and tracking your own fitness. Swisscom Health provides you with a solution for managing your own health and personal fitness.

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Media information: 01 December 2015

Swisscom Health leading Berne's Insel Gruppe hospitals into the eHealth era

Insel Gruppe AG, which consists of the Inselspital (Bern University Hospital) and the Spital Netz Bern hospitals, is stepping up its partnership with Swisscom Health AG. The partnership will see Swisscom Health AG set up and operate an eHealth platform for the electronic exchange of information.

Media information: 24 March 2015

Swisscom Health AG acquires H-Net AG, thereby strengthening its portfolio and customer base

By taking over H-Net, Swisscom Health is acquiring one of the leading companies in the area of administrative and medical data exchange in the healthcare sector. Swisscom Health is thus strengthening its portfolio and further expanding its eHealth ecosystem in Switzerland.

Media information: 19 March 2015

Swisscom Health and the i-engineers to provide patient-record and networking solutions for hospitals

Swisscom Health AG and the i-engineers AG, a software firm that provides specialised solutions for electronic patient record-keeping and networking, have decided to enter a strategic partnership.