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Digital solutions from Swisscom for efficient healthcare

Increase patient satisfaction with innovative digital solutions. Communicate effectively with everyone involved in the health ecosystem, share information securely and protect your valuable data.

Needs-based IT solutions

Swisscom is a one-stop shop for digital IT solutions for the healthcare sector, designed around you and your requirements. Optimise your processes, streamline day-to-day work in the practice, simplify administration and improve time efficiency.

Our digital solutions for the healthcare sector

Patient Journey


Das webbasierte medizinische Informationsystem curaMED erleichtert Ärzten, Belegärzten, Therapeuten sowie deren Mitarbeitenden den Alltag und ermöglicht ein effizientes, elektronisches Arbeiten unabhängig von Ort und Zeit.

Integrated Care


Das Forderungsmanagement curaBILL erlaubt eine schlanke Administration - gleich mit welcher Praxissoftware Sie arbeiten. Rechnungsstellung und Forderungsmanagement werden auslagert. Ihr Aufwand wird reduziert.

Integrated Care


Ob Spital, Pflegezentrum oder Spitex, ob Arzt oder Apothekerin, ob Abrechnungskasse oder Labor: mit curaLINE erfolgt die Übermittlung von Rechnungen direkt an Versicherungen, Trust Center oder Patienten.

Operational Excellence
Medizinischer Datenaustausch

Medical Connector Suite

Mit über 200 angeschlossenen Spitälern, Instituten sowie Praxen ist die Suite mit Medical Share das grösste Schweizer Netzwerk für den sicheren Austausch von med. Bildern und Daten. Nach DICOM Standard, ohne Grössenbeschränkung.

Integrated Care

PACSon Web

Preiswert und ohne Risiko ein neues PACS einführen, bestehende Bildarchivierungssysteme erweitern oder ein Langzeitarchiv zu uns in die Cloud auslagern. Unsere flexible und skalierbare Lösung wird allen Bedürfnissen gerecht.

Why Swisscom is your reliable partner in the healthcare sector

Our digital healthcare solutions and eHealth services have long been established in Swiss practices and hospitals. We are trusted by more than 4,000 doctors, 160 hospitals and 70 institutes, laboratories and insurance companies.

Protecting your data is our top priority. That is why the requirements we set ourselves go above and beyond the Swiss Data Protection Act. State-of-the-art security standards, as used by the banking sector, ensure effective protection and cybersecurity in the health sector.

We are already working on the solutions of tomorrow. Whether in next-generation practice software or digital connectivity for the future healthcare sector, our innovations offer a market advantage and investment security for customers.

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Ready for digitisation in healthcare

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Data protection is a matter of trust and the trust of our customers and their patients is important to us. The responsible handling of personal data in accordance with the applicable laws is therefore a top priority at Swisscom Health. We respect the privacy of all individuals and protect the data we store, transmit or otherwise process as part of our services.

Swisscom (Switzerland) AG, July 2020

As one of the leading providers of digitalization solutions for healthcare, we process personal data in our personal health management services for private customers and in our services for doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. 

Hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, physicians and other medical service providers instruct us to transmit data to other medical service providers or patients. In doing so, we transmit medical information such as entry and exit reports as well as administrative data, in particular data for the electronic billing of services in the treatment process. 

Among other things, we offer receivables management, in which we take over payment transactions, accounting and dunning on behalf of doctors, laboratories and other medical service providers and process the corresponding invoice data. 

Our portfolio also includes practice software that allows doctors and therapists to collect data they need as part of the treatments. They also carry out an electronic medical history with diagnoses as well as information on treatment and appointments. 

We treat this sensitive and particularly sensitive data with the utmost care and only for the intended purpose. We process the data for the contractually agreed purposes with the client and only in the way that our clients are allowed to do themselves. 

We do not process the data for our own purposes and do not pass it on to third parties without the consent of the data subjects, including other business areas within the Swisscom Group. In particular information on invoices and payment behaviour is only made available to our clients, i.e. doctors, therapists and other service providers. 

For our services, we also rely on products and services from manufacturers and suppliers. In individual cases, they perform personal data for order fulfillment. In doing so, we ensure that our suppliers and service providers have only limited access to personal data and that the regulations of the applicable data protection law are complied with. 

Persons have the right to receive information about their personal data processed by us. You may send our client a request for information in writing and with a copy of your identity card or passport.Similarly, persons have the right to request the correction of inaccurate personal data. They are also entitled to the deletion of their personal data and may object to further processing, unless we are obliged by applicable law to retain some of their personal data for verification purposes.