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Contact Center Outsourcing – for optimum interaction with customers

Does your Contact Center tie up too many resources? Or is its technology out of date? Our Contact Center Services help free you up to focus on your core business. We’re here to assist with advice as well as implementation and operational support for your individual contact center solution.

Customer service outsourcing – a model with a future

Communicating with your customers is important. This can be done via a help desk, in-house switchboards, information services and/or other channels. Here at Swisscom Services Ltd, we offer everything you need for the swift and successful implementation of a contact center outsourcing project.

The basis for our relationship is trust. Our professionals work exclusively in Switzerland. We operate the IT-based Contact Center Solutions in Swisscom data centres while the Swisscom telephone network guarantees first-class voice quality.

From consulting through to operation

We support you with analyses, planning, efficient implementation and operation of your contact center.

Focus on your core business

We can take on the entire management of your contact center if required.

Quality and data protection

Every year, we additionally undergo ISO 9001, 18295/1 and 27001 certification.

Our solution – and your first step

Outsourcing your contact center

Contact Center Services

Discuss your ideas and plans for your contact center project with us. We will be happy to show you the different options available.

Services at a glance

Contact Center Services factsheet

Learn more about our varied services for optimising your customer service.

Our Contact Center Services

Discover our varied services for supporting your customer service function and making it more professional. Together, we will develop the perfect solution for you.

Let us assume responsibility for your in-house switchboard services and provide information and other services on your behalf.

We’ll support your customers with ordering, product enquiries or questions concerning deliveries etc.

We’ll help resolve technical issues with products, apps and services for your customers and their employees.

We’ll support you at peak times; for example, with product launches, in emergency situations or during seasonal peaks such as the busy Christmas period.

We’ll support you with the handling of customer complaints, cancellations etc. Our fully trained employees will always find the right approach.

We would be happy to manage your appointments (e.g. for consultations or customer visits) or set up a hotline for temporary campaigns, for example.

Whether by phone, e-mail, web chat, SMS, WhatsApp or on social media, we can, on your behalf, accept and provide competent assistance with customer enquiries over all the regular contact channels.

We cater for the three main Swiss national languages, German, French and Italian Incl. Swiss German, and can also accept enquiries in english. All of your customer enquiries will be handled exclusively in Switzerland.

If required, we can also provide a 24/7 customer service 365 days a year.

We provide agent resources and workstations. If required, our employees can work at your site.

Why outsource the customer center?

You want to take advantage of the latest technologies and tools to offer your customers the best possible service. By outsourcing operations to our professional staff, you free up resources to devote to your core business.

Digitisation brings more interactions. As a result, customers have become more impatient, which has a significant impact on expected service times and communication channels.

We offer smart solutions because digital is in the Swisscom DNA.

Simple tasks are increasingly carried out by machines, while people focus on the more complex work.

We help you introduce efficient AI-based systems for customer interaction and take a targeted approach to employee deployment.

Many call centers are at the very start of their digital transformation. It is a constantly evolving process rather than one with a fixed end date.

We help you implement a targeted transformation and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Digital expertise is essential when you operate your own contact center. However, finding suitably qualified employees is a challenge in a customer service environment.

Benefit from the high availability and expertise of our employees.

‘Thanks to the ever reliable and flexible processing of customer cases by Swisscom Services Ltd, we have been able to expand our customer service offering.’

Mario Pfammatter, Crealogix Ltd

Use cases – our impact

Switchboard and helpline

Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication

We operate the main switchboard of the Confederation in four languages, responding to contact requests from the Federal Chancellery and maintaining more than 45,000 data records. We also operate the technical helpline for the Covid app.


Meyer Burger

Leading Swiss manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and modules, Meyer Burger, has entrusted us with the operation of its switchboard.

Customer service

blue Cinema

With more than 100,000 film screenings per year, blue Entertainment Ltd is the largest cinema operator in German-speaking Switzerland. We manage its commercial and technical customer service.

Support and customer service


Our employees provide competent support to customers of software manufacturer Crealogix, responding to a wide range of technical questions about the company’s products.

IT service desk

Swisscom Ltd

We provide 1st-level support to the 19,000 or so employees of the Swisscom Group for all applications and workplaces.

Certified management system

Maintaining the highest quality standards and ensuring the fully compliant handling of your data are an absolute priority for us. Every year, our services additionally undergo ISO 9001, 18295/1 and 27001 certification.

Siegel Iso 18295
Siegel Iso 9001
Siegel Iso 27001

Swisscom Services Ltd – on the line for you

Swisscom Services Ltd is an innovative SME which is wholly owned by Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. You thus enjoy the best of both types of business: short decision-making paths with direct access to the Management Board combined with access to the resources and expertise of the Swisscom Group.

Our core business is Contact Center Services for business customers, in which we meet Swisscom’s high quality standards at every level.

We are the leading Swiss company in the digitisation of customer relationships. Every year, we expertly and efficiently handle 1.6 million customer enquiries from the B2C and B2B environment. Numerous contact centers in Switzerland rely on our services.


Daniel Kessler

Chief Executive

Michael Kroplewski

Head of Marketing

Madeleine Kaiser

Head of Business Development

Pierre-André Schnoz

Head of Sales

René Gasser

Head of Operations

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