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Below you will find a selection of the top issues related to digitisation


FHNW Cloud Study 2018

Executive Summary: FHNW Cloud Survey 2018. Cloud transformation in Swiss companies.


IoT in the Swiss market in 2017

Facts and figures on the ICT market in Switzerland and concrete insights on the Internet of Things in Swiss companies.


Trends 2019: Data Driven Business, the stepping stone for success

A behind the scenes look at digital visions and the presentation of specific data-centred business solutions for Swiss companies. Insights from experts at PAC and Swisscom.


Cyber Security Report 2019

Discover how the current cyber threat situation is looking and how this is affecting Switzerland. Focus of the report: advanced persistent threats (APTs).


Modern cloud workplaces

The rapidly changing world of work demands modern workplace solutions. Which aspects have to be considered and how do hybrid cloud solutions support them?


IFZ FinTech Study 2019

The FinTech sector experienced strong growth in the year 2018. At the end of the year, Switzerland hosted 356 FinTech companies, corresponding to a growth rate of 62 percent compared to the previous year.


The crypto-ecosystem in relation to anti-money-laundering legislation

A guide for banks in implementing due diligence obligations.


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