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Below you will find a selection of the top issues related to digitisation


FHNW Cloud Study 2018

Executive Summary: FHNW Cloud Survey 2018. Cloud transformation in Swiss companies.


IoT in the Swiss market in 2017

Facts and figures on the ICT market in Switzerland and concrete insights on the Internet of Things in Swiss companies.


The Swiss market for artificial intelligence

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). But where do Swiss companies really stand when it comes to AI? On behalf of Swisscom, MSM Research presents the most important findings and trends concerning AI in the Swiss market.


Modern cloud workplaces

The rapidly changing world of work demands modern workplace solutions. Which aspects have to be considered and how do hybrid cloud solutions support them?


The crypto-ecosystem in relation to anti-money-laundering legislation

The white paper addresses the topic of the crypto-ecosystem and prevention of money laundering and attempts to provide an overview of the framework conditions of Swiss anti-money-laundering legislation that apply to banks in relation to business relationships and transactions involving cryptocurrencies.


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