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From Things to Everything.

Fostering innovation with the Internet of Things

At Swisscom, we see for ourselves the potential of the Internet of Things every day. We see how it enables both us and our customers to create new business models and increase efficiency. We have already helped countless businesses to transform their processes, create new customer interactions and develop products that make the environment safer and more sustainable. Wherever our customers’ imagination takes them, we have the tools to help them get there.


Swisscom Enterprise IoT is the tool we use to make the Internet of Things simpler. Our portfolio is based on a high-performance, modular set of technologies that includes technology-neutral connectivity options, innovative and industry-leading management platforms, and device and schedule management options. By providing state-of-the-art technologies and services, combined with a world-class ecosystem, we enable our customers to focus all their attention on their business case.



A wide range of connectivity access options, including traditional mobile and energy-efficient options.

Connectivity Services

Seamless visibility and control of all connected devices anywhere in the world.

Device und Data

Extremely flexible and scalable device and data management.

An ecosystem designed to help you succeed

Businesses need partners that are both experts and innovators in their sector. In a rapidly growing market, a broad-based network of IoT partners is the key to success. Our network of Swisscom IoT partners offers our customers the expertise and experience they need, right on their doorstep.


We collaborate with the world’s leading hardware and application providers, system integrators and distributors. Our complete end-to-end approach enables us to provide the right partner mix for virtually every step of the IoT development and implementation process.

Your one-stop shop for your IoT needs

Swisscom offers an extensive range of services covering all business processes to guide you to a digital future. Our network caters to future requirements so that we can guarantee reliable connectivity.

Connectivity Management Platform Stores

The complete B2B2C solution for independent prepaid SIM card management for your customers.

Connectivity Management Platform Mobile

Simple, intuitive management of all your connected IoT devices with CMP Mobile.

Connectivity Management Platform Low Power Network

Low Power Network – Switzerland’s only nationwide network for the Internet of Things.

Smart Metering

Smart metering offers public utilities in every sector a new option of interacting with customers and complying with regulatory guidelines.

Connectivity Management Platform Vodafone

Globally secure connectivity management for all connected devices.

Device Management Platform

Device Management Platform – Connect, manage and integrate IoT end devices in the business process.

  • “Thanks to our solutions and the quality of Swisscom's network, our customers can sustainably optimise their logistics.”

    Cédric Morel, Sensile Technologies SA, Managing Director

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Roger Kaspar

Head of Sales Internet of Things

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