Internet of Things (IoT)

Develop the business model of the future with the Internet of Things (IoT)

In our IoT magazine, discover how companies are making intelligent use of the established Internet of Things and getting ready for the future.

The Internet of Things has the potential to revolutionise processes and enable entirely new business models.

If you build a strong IoT system today, you will reap the rewards on the market tomorrow. We will help to get your innovations off the ground with state-of-the-art technologies, the latest expertise and a wealth of experience.

Wherever you are, we’ll help move you forward

Perhaps the IoT is a new topic for you. However, you recognise the opportunities that it offers your company. Or perhaps you already have a specific idea for an IoT project, but don’t have the resources to implement it successfully in the long term. Either way, our IoT experts will be happy to help. With their holistic approach, they simplify the complexities and guide you to the right decisions.

IoT-generated data – a valuable raw material  

Would you like to launch new business models and establish innovative business processes, achieve cost savings or offer your customers new forms of interaction? The data generated by the IoT is the key to achieving this. Swisscom equips you with everything you need for an IoT system that creates added value: from reliable connectivity, advice, solution design and implementation to rollout and operation. Whether you require our services for specific scenarios or are looking for an end-to-end IoT solution, you will benefit from the technology leadership of Swisscom and its IoT ecosystem partners.

Welcome to the fascinating world of business IoT

How do companies use IoT-generated data? For smart coffee machines, for instance. The following video shows you how it works. 

Discover our portfolio of IoT solutions

IoT Connectivity is the basis for your IoT project while our IoT Solutions are the engine. We offer you comprehensive services for both, plus fast connectivity in the IoT Webshop.

IoT Connectivity

We network your IoT devices securely and reliably. You will receive the best IoT connectivity for your use case from our extensive technology portfolio.  

IoT Solutions

Implement your IoT solution with our proven IoT products and services, including full-service solutions, IoT devices and IoT consulting throughout the entire project. 

IoT Webshop

Get started right away and simply order IoT Connectivity from the IoT Webshop, as the basis for your IoT project.

Why Swisscom is the perfect partner for your IoT project

Take advantage of our comprehensive expertise, from advice and implementation to operation and analyses.

Rely on outstanding network coverage throughout Switzerland and the world with the leading IoT networks.

Benefit from our company and industry-specific, vertically integrated solutions.

Catch up on the latest IoT knowledge

IoT magazine

Read about how companies are making intelligent and profitable use of the established Internet of Things.

Internet of Things as a Game Changer

Read in our Whitepaper, how IoT is perceived as a technology and business trend and what effects the companies surveyed expect.

Focus on the latest technologies

IoT, 5G, Edge Cloud. Discover how new technologies are contributing to innovation. 

Mobility ecosystem with IoT

autoSense provides smart, IoT-based networking solutions for individual vehicles and entire fleets.

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Moving from IoT to a data-driven business involves more than just connectivity. Five answers and tips for a successful digital transformation.

Get added value from your data

How do companies gain added value from their data? Swisscom’s Rethink framework helps companies to discover potential and applications.

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