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Is your IT infrastructure up to date? How are you planning to embark on the digital transformation journey? Are you in a position to get the best out of your data? If these are the questions that are occupying your mind right now, you need to consider outsourcing.


The benefits of outsourcing:

  • You enjoy round-the-clock access to expert knowledge
  • Your IT infrastructure is always up to date
  • You are flexible, reduce risks and cut costs and so enhance the quality of your products and services
  • You benefit from scalability
  • You can focus more intensively on your core business and so counter the skills shortage

Swisscom offers customised solutions designed to meet your specific needs. We provide comprehensive advice on how you can achieve real benefits quickly and effectively. By asking targeted questions, we help you to identify the pros and cons of outsourcing depending on your company’s specific situation and create a detailed analysis. In a half-day day workshop we will work with you on possible improvement and development approaches and the potential behind them.

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We'll arrange a telephone briefing, set a date for the workshop and define a possible agenda for the workshop.



Together we work out possible improvement and development approaches in a half-day workshop. Free, without obligation and with a total value of 5000 CHF.

Possible topics:
Ambition, implementation requirements, options for action (quick win's), sourcing variants, change management

Outcome of the workshop:
Presentation including recommendations for further business actions

Further benefits for enterprise customers

We offer a range of packages that are precision-tailored to the needs of your company – from outtasking and smart sourcing through to outsourcing. We support you with a broad range of cloud services, dynamic computing services, container services and lots more. We’ll pave your way toward digitalisation and data-driven business. The independent market research company ISG recently confirmed that Swisscom leads the way in cloud and security services.

Swisscom Enterprise offer

  • Data Driven Technologies
  • Business Applications
  • Industry Solutions
  • Work Smart


  • Custom Solutions
  • Connectivity
  • Cloud
  • Security


About Swisscom

Swisscom, which is headquartered in Ittigen near the Swiss capital Bern, is Switzerland’s leading provider of telecommunication services and one of the country’s leading IT companies. Outside Switzerland, Swisscom has a presence on the Italian market in the guise of Fastweb. In 2019, 19,300 employees generated sales of CHF 11,453 million.


Swisscom is 51% Confederation-owned and is one of Switzerland’s most sustainable and innovative companies.

Getting started with IT-Outsourcing

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