Modular cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity Services for all your security needs

Swisscom’s Cybersecurity Threat Radar informs you of the threats you have to take into account within your IT security strategy.

Companies are becoming increasingly digital and networked. This creates new business models and efficiency improvements but also new areas of attack.

Cybercriminals are becoming more professional and better armed, while businesses are contending with cost pressures and a shortage of skilled ICT security professionals. In this situation, you need effective cybersecurity solutions, as well as Managed Security Services, providing round-the-clock professional protection.

Cybersecurity solutions for specific needs

Technological change, with the hybrid cloud infrastructures it brings, is not the only thing challenging cyber defences. Regulations, compliance requirements and more rigorous data protection legislation all increase the demands placed on IT security. Customised, industry-specific cybersecurity solutions have a part to play in ensuring a company’s security posture, even under these new conditions.

Multi Cloud

million US dollars was the average cost of a data breach in 2021. Source: IBM Study: Report into the Costs of a Data Breach, 2021

Hybrid Cloud

of Swiss companies considered cyber risks their biggest concern for 2022. Source: Allianz Risk Barometer, 2022

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reports of cyber attacks were received by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in 2021, twice as many as in 2020. Source: NCSC Report 2021

Better safe than sorry: our Cybersecurity services

As the largest and multi-award winning provider of Managed Security Services, Swisscom offers you an extensive portfolio giving you holistic protection. Take a modular and tailored approach to minimise the IT risks in your key company divisions.

Threat Detection and Response

Respond professionally to security incidents, from analysis to incident response.

Network and Cloud Security

Protect hybrid infrastructures and networks with a Zero-Trust approach.

Data and Content Security

Ensure transparency and the compliant protection of your sensitive data and prevent data loss.

Application and Endpoint Security

Benefit from comprehensive protection for your endpoint devices and secure access to applications.

Security Consulting

Take advantage of our security experts’ broad expertise to plan your IT security.

Our Cybersecurity Services in brief

A brief overview of our Managed Security Services

Why Swisscom is the right Cybersecurity partner

When protecting your infrastructure, benefit from the broad specialist knowledge of our 300 cybersecurity professionals.

More than 1,000 Swiss enterprise customers have already placed their trust in our cybersecurity solutions.

Rely on our certified Cybersecurity Services operating 24/7 in Swiss data centres.

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Awards and certificates

The independent market research company ISG evaluates the leading Swiss security providers in its annual studies. Swisscom is once again the leader with an attractive and comprehensive portfolio.

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