Successful defence against cyber attacks with Threat Detection & Response

  • Security Analytics and SOC as a Service
  • CSIRT as a Service and Rapid Response
  • Digital Risk Protection
  • Network Detection and Response as a Service
  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
  • Security Consulting

Businesses today must assume that cyber criminals can bypass preventive security measures.

This ‘assume breach’ scenario requires mechanisms and systems capable of
detecting and defending against ongoing attacks as quickly as possible –
before any damage is done. A modular Threat Detection & Response
solution is the right way to deal with increasingly sophisticated cyber

Incident Response as a Service and solution

An effective response to security incidents – the incident response –
requires well-trained security professionals and the appropriate tools.
SIEM/SOAR systems help analysts to detect and deal with security
incidents appropriately and with a high degree of accuracy. Threat
intelligence is added to this, which ensures that you are warned of new
attacks in advance and can take appropriate security measures. This is a
complex and expensive undertaking, particularly with the current
shortage of security professionals on the labour market. Our modular TDR
solutions can be sourced as a service, sparing you the challenge of
setting up your own cyber defence system.

Why Threat Detection & Response with Swisscom?

Benefit from the experience and knowledge we have gained from TDR measures for our own infrastructure.

We channel the insights gained from protecting a range of customers and sectors directly into our TDR solutions.

We employ over 300 cybersecurity professionals, which gives us unique expertise in TDR.

Threat Detection and Response: Swisscom’s portfolio

Security Analytics and SOC as a Service

Use the analysis platform and Incident Management as a service.

CSIRT as a Service and Rapid Response

When it comes to incident response, you can rely on our security professionals, either as a service or on demand.

Digital Risk Protection

Detect new cyber risks, attack patterns and data leaks in the dark net at an early stage.

Network Detection and Response as a Service

Win back visibility in the network and detect anomalies in the overall traffic.

Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) from Swisscom protects your endpoints and cloud workloads from cyber attack.

Security Consulting

Use our expertise to develop your own IT security strategy and infrastructure.

On average, it took 287 days to detect and defend against a data breach.

Source: IBM Security, Report into the Costs of a Data Breach 2021

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