Digital risk monitoring and threat intelligence

Digital Risk Protection – proactive protection from cyber attack

You control the data in your IT infrastructure. But what about your digital footprint; the online data that your company leaves behind? What potentially confidential information is circulating on the dark web? With Digital Risk Protection, you can detect such data leaks and planned cyber attacks at an early stage and respond proactively.

Digital risk monitoring and threat intelligence

The start of a cyber attack can go unnoticed by your IT security. Perhaps access data for your corporate network is being sold on the dark web. Or scammers are planning to pose as your company in a phishing attack to lure unsuspecting victims to a fake company website. Digital Risk Protection monitors such activities and uses threat intelligence to collect information about imminent attacks. This helps you to better assess the risk and prepare for attacks.

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive information on the current risk situation for risk assessment
  • Early warnings for a proactive response to threats
  • Notice of risks, such as expiring certificates and phishing sites, for prevention purposes

When is it the right solution?

Companies need to protect their IT infrastructure and data from cyber attacks at various levels in order to safeguard operations. Alongsidetechnical measures to prevent and combat attacks, this also includes risk monitoring to correctly assess the current threat status.

Acquiring information about the misuse of company data is time consuming. You need to use the available resources to ensure that you know about leaked company and access data and phishing attacks in the name of your company at an early stage. This is the only plausible way to assess and minimise the risk.

Why Swisscom?

  • Individual: apply the modular use cases to your individual situation.
  • Proven: rely on an award-winning solution and many years of expertise.
  • Flexible: integrate risk protection with other managed security services

The first step


Risk protection in action

The Digital Risk Protection service includes various modules (use cases) that you can combine and use according to your needs.

Data Loss Detection detects when sensitive information has been published. This is data that has either been disclosed accidentally or released maliciously by cybercriminals.

Online Brand Security detects the misuse of brands; that is, fake company websites, fake social media profiles and fraudulent apps created with malicious intent.

Attack Surface Reduction detects vulnerabilities in infrastructure components that are exploited by cybercriminals or could lead to the accidental publication of business data.

This monitoring performs an in-depth search on the dark web. It focuses on published confidential business documents, personal information about employees, access to cloud services, infected web servers, phishing kits, mentions of the company on cybercriminal websites and information from data thefts.

Digital Risk Protection as part of our TDR portfolio

Digital Risk Protection is a preventive module that complements our Threat Detection and Response service offerings. Detected threats can then be further processed by the analysis and incident response services.

«If there's a potential risk, we are informed very early.»

Hans Ulrich Amsler, Chief Information Security Officer, Valiant

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