Valiant uses "Digital Risk Protection" as a Service.

If there's a potential risk, we are informed very early.

Hans Ulrich Amsler

Chief Information Security Officer


Facts & Figures

April 2019

Company Facts:

Firmenname: Valiant Bank AG

Headquarters: Bern

Industry: Bankenwesen

Employees: approx. 1000

Behind the Swisscom service there are experts who analyse the situation competently

Security is a top priority at Valiant Bank. As digitisation progresses, cyber risks also increase: the potential targets within the bank increase. With Digital Risk Protection (DRP) from Swisscom, Valiant is able to detect and combat potential attacks at an early stage.


Like any digitised bank, Valiant leaves a "digital footprint" with, for example, social media activities or online banking, which offer potential targets. In order to identify risks, permanent and time-consuming scanning of various sources with any relation to the bank is necessary. Valiant requires a competent view of the outside to do this.


The Digital Risk Protection specialists from Swisscom compile safety-relevant information from various sources: from the public Internet, for example, but also from the Deep Web and Dark Web. Valiant receives dashboard reports on specific security incidents (e.g. known passwords) and possible infrastructure vulnerabilities - including recommendations for action. Thanks to this proactive monitoring, the Bank minimises its risks.

This product is used by Valiant

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