Professional advice on cybersecurity

Strengthen cyber defence with Security Consulting

With IT infrastructures changing all the time, it is important to regularly review and update your security strategy and protective measures/controls. In the hectic activity of day-to-day business, however, it can be hard to find the time. Or you may be unsure where to go with your strategy. In both cases, Security Consulting can provide valuable assistance.

From cybersecurity consulting to part-time CISO

Changes to the IT infrastructure, such as cloud adaptation, always raise questions about security. Is the data used to define the data storage for the cloud strategy classified? Does the organisation need a Security Operations Center (SOC) to respond to security incidents? There are also general issues to consider: how is the infrastructure protected, and does the Information Security Management System (ISMS) still meet current requirements? In addition to providing support with your strategy, Security Consulting can also provide you with a ‘part-time CISO’ courtesy of CISO as a Service, to step in and provide assistance as and when required.

Your benefits

Checks on current protection needs and vulnerabilities

Strategies and measures to increase your resilience and comply with regulations

Cybersecurity awareness campaigns for your employees

When is it the right solution?

Companies are constantly optimising their infrastructure and digitising processes to meet market needs more effectively. Regulatory requirements are also increasingly rigorous. You want to maintain a high level of IT security despite the pace of these changes.

Besides constantly reviewing and adapting your strategy, meeting IT security requirements also means keeping employees alert to security issues in their day-to-day work. At the same time, you are under cost and resource pressure and could certainly use the occasional support of a CISO.

What’s in it for you:

  • Comprehensive advice on cybersecurity topics
  • CISO as a Service to cover resource bottlenecks
  • Workshops and assessments for strategic development

Why Swisscom?

  • Comprehensive: We support you with advice and an ecosystem of professionals.
  • Experience: You benefit from our many years of strategic and product-specific expertise.
  • End-to-end: As well as providing advice, we can also support implementation.

Getting started

Security Operations Center workshop

Do I need a SOC? And if so, should it be on premise or as a service? This workshop lets you create a strategy.

More security solutions

Cyber defence workshop

Secure Software Supply Chain workshop

Our consulting services

Let’s talk about your needs

Our Security Consulting experts will help you minimise your cyber risks and protect your company.

Our consulting services in detail

Cybersecurity Assessment

A security assessment helps you identify vulnerabilities and determine risks. We analyse the IT security in your company and help you initiate any necessary measures. The service includes:

  • Security health check
  • Security reviews and second opinions
  • Penetration tests

Cloud Security Consulting

The cloud represents a new challenge for data security. We accompany you on your journey to secure cloud computing and advise you on the key issues: from data storage and classification through to applications and processes. The service includes:

  • Design and architecture
  • Governance and compliance
  • Cloud transformation
  • Cloud readiness workshop

Security Management Consulting

Providing support for your project and day-to-day business, we help you continuously improve IT security and data protection in your company and systematically align it with your business goals and requirements. The service includes:

  • Design and implementation of IT security concepts
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of an ISMS
  • Development of security policies, guidelines and concepts
  • Compliance consulting
  • CISO as a Service

Security Consulting in practice

Awareness training

How security-oriented is my company?

Customer situation

You want to know how well your employees deal with e-mail attachments and links, to assess and reduce the risk of a phishing attack.

Our solution

We run targeted IT security training and awareness campaigns to increase employee knowledge and awareness. We measure the results using simulated phishing attacks, among other things.

Information Security Officer as a Service

Reducing workload for the IT department

ISO 27001 certification

A direct route to certification

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