Workshop: Secure Software Supply Chain

Is my software supply chain sufficiently protected?

Discover how to protect your business and your applications 

What you can look forward to in our workshop

  •    Identify your software supply chain protection requirements
  •    Cooperation with your suppliers
  •    Specific recommendations and measures

Since the SolarWinds Sunburst attack in December 2020, we all have a greater understanding of the vulnerable and critical nature of our software supply chains – and the need to defend ourselves against attacks. By understanding the current threat status and risk, we can define and implement the right safety measures. We will help you every step along the way.

Monitor your software supply chain

Have you taken steps to protect your software supply chain sufficiently? What agreements do you have in place with your partners and suppliers? Are these also consistently enforced? Could additional measures be taken to mitigate risk? We will consider these and other current issues with you in workshops. 

Workshop content

We carry out the workshops with you, based on the format below. You define the length and scope with us in advance. 

Initial situation and requirements analysis

This is about gaining an understanding of your situation. We will look at your protection requirements, the threats to your software supply chain, existing protective measures, your open source strategy and agreements with your software suppliers.

Risk assessment and measures

Based on the initial situation and requirements analysis, we evaluate the risks and specify the action required in different areas, including procurement and supplier management. We then work together on a provisional implementation plan.

Deciding on efficient tools

Using the risk matrix we create, we can analyse the solutions you need to increase the long-term security of your software supply chain. These may be specific processes and software-based solutions.

What happens after registration


Deciding on the approach

Submission of a quotation


Preparation of results

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