PAC study: Managed Security Services

New approaches needed to handle changing infrastructures and threats

The cybersecurity landscape is shaped by changes to the IT infrastructure, new threat patterns, compliance requirements and an increasingly professional approach during cyberattacks. Companies must ensure that their cybersecurity measures meet current and future requirements. This calls for the type of expertise, resources and proactive security solutions that Managed Security Services (MSS) can provide.

MSS should encompass key areas such as Security Posture Management, Security System Management and Operations, and a Security Operations Center (SOC). Pricing and contract models for MSS are also moving towards more flexibility and new approaches in order to better adapt to changing requirements.

Read the PAC study to learn more about:

  • The current cybersecurity landscape and its challenges
  • The market and growth for security services in Switzerland
  • How Managed Security Services can support companies
  • Number of pages: 23
  • Recommended for: Business managers / IT specialists
  • Published: 14 December 2023

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