Security Operations Center (SOC) Workshop

Do I need a SOC? And if so, which model?

Self set-up or as a service?

What you can look forward to in our workshop

  •    Formulation of a needs analysis
  •    Recommendation for the appropriate SOC model
  •    Preparatory measures for your systems

Do I need a SOC? And if so, which model? Hybrid, on-premises or maybe even SOC-as-a-Service? What do I need to adapt to ensure a SOC can be integrated? Should I set up a SOC and a team or is it better to purchase SOCaaS? We support you in answering these questions, which a company needs answers to nowadays.

How do you react to security incidents?

Today, the question is no longer "if" a cybersecurity incident will occur. Rather, the question is now how quickly it takes for it to be recognised and remedied. Time is the critical factor. How does your company deal with this? Is a Security Operations Center (SOC) the right answer? We want to look into this together with you in the workshops. 

SOC workshop content

We will conduct the workshops together with you, which are structured as follows. The duration and exact content are defined in advance together. 

Needs Analysis

The first phase deals with the initial situation: Which IT security requirements, regulations and guidelines must be complied with? What does your current IT architecture look like? What level of protection is required? Why is a SOC an important issue?

Requirements and Model

The second phase deals with the requirements for an SOC as well as the appropriate model. What's more, we clarify which preparations need to be made in order to integrate a SOC efficiently.

Decision basis for "Make or Buy"

If the preliminary workshops result in a decision in favour of a SOC, we support you in the third phase with the decision-making process, as well as the cost calculations for the appropriate model.

What happens after registration


Defining the approach

Provision of an offer

Implementation of the workshops

Preparation of the results

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