Guarantee data security with Data and Content Security

Safeguard the protection of sensitive data and compliance

Digitised processed generate and require more and more data. This is often distributed across hybrid environments, making it difficult to monitor the storage and use of sensitive information. Companies therefore need solutions like our Data Protection Services that create transparency and fulfil compliance and governance requirements.

Reinstating data security

Data has long been a business-critical commodity. Yet today’s complex IT infrastructures create additional targets for attack. In order to minimise the risk and ensure data protection, it is vital to monitor storage locations and the use of sensitive data, not least to guarantee adherence to increasingly stringent in-house and legal provisions and to provide the necessary evidence for data security compliance.

What makes Swisscom the right partner for Data and Content Security?

Years of experience

You will benefit from our expertise in the ICT service business, including regulated industries.

We meet the highest demands

As Switzerland’s largest data processor, we meet the highest data protection and security demands.

Proven solutions

You can have confidence in well-established services deployed by Swisscom itself and by a range of our customers.

Unsere Lösungen für Data and Content Security

Audit Guard

Gain transparency over user and system activities relating to sensitive data.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Prevent accidental data leakage and improve security awareness.

Sensitive Data Services

Identify and classify confidential data and get the overview you need.

Mail Security

Protect mail servers and Microsoft 365 from spam, phishing and malware.

Zscaler Web Security

Take a zero trust approach to securing access to the Internet and to cloud and on-premise applications.

Fraud Prevention Service

Protect your bank against fraud and safeguard compliance and your reputation.

  • 82% of all security incidents are the result of human error

    Source: 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), Verizon

Enhance your knowledge about data protection and security.

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Awards and certificates

The independent market research company ISG evaluates the leading Swiss security providers in its annual studies. Swisscom is once again the leader with an attractive and comprehensive portfolio.

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