Zscaler Web Security based in Switzerland

Zscaler Cloud Services for secure access to the web and applications

Business applications run in the cloud and can be accessed by employees on the move or working from home, turning the Internet into a corporate network. Instead of traditional perimeter protection, companies need security solutions that protect endpoints and applications with a zero-trust approach in every network – no matter how sophisticated the cyberattacks.

Zscaler Services from the cloud for the cloud

A security service from Swisscom data centres in Switzerland, Zscaler protects access to applications via any connection and from any end device. A complex and expensive redirection of traffic via the company network is no longer necessary. Zscaler Internet Access serves as a web proxy for cloud environments and simplifies access control. Zscaler Private Access, on the other hand, replaces a conventional VPN for accessing on-premise applications and prevents attacker infiltration of the corporate network. Cost effective and quickly deployed, this service from the cloud saves you from having to install complex security hardware.

Your benefits

  • Protection against cyber attacks when accessed via any connection
  • Lower costs thanks to simplification of infrastructure
  • Unified and simplified access control

When is it the right solution?

Your cloud strategy requires an IT security solution that reliably secures access to resources and applications from anywhere and supports both hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. The solution should also offer optimum protection against unknown dangers for your IT infrastructure.

Zscaler Services combine Security-as-a-Service directly from the cloud with access control and defence mechanisms in a unified architecture. Zscaler Internet Access and Zscaler Private Access protect your endpoints and applications as a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) with a zero-trust approach. With the central cloud security platform, you also reduce the complexity of your infrastructure because there is no need for comprehensive security infrastructures for each individual cloud and local IT.

Why Swisscom?

  • Data storage in Switzerland: we operate Zscaler in our own data centres.
  • Expertise: our proven specialists have many years of experience.
  • Market leader: according to Gartner, Zscaler is leading in secure web gateways.

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How Zscaler works

The Zscaler Services provide security directly from the cloud. As a web security gateway, Zscaler Internet Access secures Internet access over any connection, while Zscaler Private Access enables access to internal applications on premises and in the cloud as a remote access solution.


Choose the Zscaler services you need

Zscaler Internet Access

Secure Internet access to all your devices any time, anywhere with the following security features:

  • Comprehensive cloud security stack including firewall, IPS, sandboxing, URL filtering, and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Detection of malware, cyber attacks and infected devices even in SSL-encrypted traffic
  • An optimal user experience at all times thanks to direct access to cloud applications instead of backhauling
  • Data leakage protection (DLP) with data protection extended to cloud applications

Zscaler Private Access

Secure access to your applications with Zero Trust Network Access and replace complex VPN installations:

  • Inside-out connectivity prevents lateral movements of attackers and DDoS attacks because external devices are not integrated into the company network
  • Access control and segmentation at application level instead of network level
  • Complete control over all activities per application and user
  • Simplification of the local security stack and no backhauling

Three specific examples

Customer situation

The move to Microsoft 365 at a company with 650 locations led to WAN and firewall congestion when employees accessed cloud services.

Our solution

With Zscaler Internet Access, the employees can access Microsoft 365 directly and securely. In addition, usage can be prioritised over less time-critical traffic.

Customer situation

Students should only be able to access suitable and intended websites and should be protected from explicit and unsolicited content.

Our solution

With Zscaler Internet Access, schools can create and customise rules for web browsing in self-service without requiring specific expertise.

Customer situation

Employees are increasingly working outside of company premises; from home for example. Access to local applications is via VPN, which requires a complex infrastructure and does not offer optimum security.

Our solution

Zscaler Private Access simplifies access to local applications and prevents cybercriminals from progressing through a company network (lateral movement). The cloud-based approach replaces expensive and time-consuming VPN solutions and ensures Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

«Our security is always up to date – and we save two hours of work daily.»

Pascal Fontaine, IT Manager , Python & Peter


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