Success Story of Python & Peter

«Our security is always up to date – and we save two hours of work daily.»

Pascal Fontaine,
IT Manager , Python & Peter

Effectively protected Internet access

The Geneva law firm Python & Peter provides services in all legal fields – with a particular focus on commercial law. Managed Security Services from Swisscom effectively reduce the company’s workload when it comes to Internet access and security.

The initial situation: aiming for simplification and time savings

For communication with their customers in Switzerland and abroad, the more than 80 lawyers from Python & Peter previously used two separate Internet accesses – one for Web traffic and the other for e-mail traffic. Each was protected with a separate firewall. «This solution was difficult to operate and no longer in keeping with the times», is how Pascal Fontaine, IT Manager at Python & Peter, describes the initial situation. «We were therefore seeking a smoothly functioning, secure and time-saving solution that would enable us to take care of other things.»

The solution: an efficient and secure complete package

Swisscom has implemented a solution at Python & Peter that meets the customer’s high demands in terms of a secure Internet access and availability. And even better: the combined package of three managed services effectively reduces the burden on the company’s IT department. With the Business Internet service, the LAN is connected to the Internet with a high bandwidth and redundantly. The Managed Perimeter Security Service (MSS-i) is also in use. With its robust, also redundant firewall, this ensures maximum security and round-the- clock monitoring from the Swisscom Security Operation Center. The Web and e-mail security services round off the complete solution in a sensible manner. They protect the law firm effectively against spam and malware. Special: undesired Web content is already reliably blocked outside the physical perimeter of Python & Peter.

The customer benefits: clever delegation frees up time

Pascal Fontaine has achieved his goals: «Today, we save two hours of work daily. Swisscom seamlessly takes care of all the IT and security-related aspects of our Internet access with the Managed Services. The most important thing: our system is continuously kept up to date. The access to expertise is particularly beneficial – if required, we contact the Swisscom security specialists, who deal with our issue in the shortest possible time. The Web interface, or Security Dashboard, is also extremely practical. Using this, we can, for example, set parameters such as white or blacklists or observe in real time, what is happening on the firewall.»

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