Mail Security for mail servers and Microsoft 365

Mail Security – an effective filter against phishing, spam and malware

As well as the most common form of communication in companies, e-mail is also the most common attack vector. You need an effective Mail Security solution that filters out phishing, spam and malware such as ransomware, to protect your employees and the company from cyber attacks. Close off the most common gateway.

Block attacks with Advanced Threat Protection

If your employees fall for a phishing e-mail, they open the door to a ransomware attack. Up-to-the-minute filters detect most phishing and spam e-mails and expose bogus senders (spoofing). However, since attacks are becoming more sophisticated, you need more advanced protection for your mail servers or Microsoft 365/Exchange Online. With Advanced Threat Protection, Mail Security checks suspicious e-mails and attachments in a sandbox, significantly increasing attack detection.

Your benefits

  • Protect your employees from malicious e-mails and malware
  • Advanced malware protection with ATP and automated e-mail encryption
  • Compliance support with standardised signatures and disclaimers

When is it the right solution?

Every company is attacked by cyber criminals and e-mail is the most common gateway. Basic IT protection includes securing dedicated mail servers or Microsoft 365 environments. At the same time, employees depend on secure and compliant communication via e-mail.

This protection depends on powerful filters that reliably detect and block phishing, spam and malware in mail traffic, stopping ransomware attacks, for example. For advanced attack detection, you can rely on the sandbox technology provided by Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to analyse suspicious e-mails and attachments. Mail Security should also integrate seamlessly into your existing environment.

Why Swisscom?

  • Location: We operate Mail Security in our Swiss data centres.
  • Flexible: Use Mail Security as a cloud-based solution or as a dedicated outsourcing service.
  • Experience: Operated by proven specialists with many years of expertise.

The first step


Solution overview

Mail Security as a dedicated environment

Benefit from a fully managed Mail Security solution.

  • Multi-level filters for phishing, spam and malware
  • Protect mail servers against DDoS attacks
  • Reduce pressure on the IT department through outsourcing
  • Service from Swiss data centres with ISO 27001 certification

Mail Security as a cloud-based solution

Benefit from comprehensive mail security and ATP with a rapidly implemented, cloud-based solution.

  • Constantly updated filters for phishing, spam and malware
  • Advanced Threat Protection for detecting sophisticated attacks
  • For your own mail servers and Exchange Online
  • Deployed in minutes without installation

365 Total Protection

Benefit from an easy-to-integrate Mail Security solution for your Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Multi-level filters for phishing, spam and malware
  • Detection of sophisticated attacks through advanced analysis features
  • Prevents sending/receipt of defined file types
  • Cloud-based service from Swiss data centres with ISO 27001 certification

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