Firewall, Secure Web Gateway and Application Delivery Controller with MSS-i

Managed Network Security – the best protection for your business

Protecting the company’s network is one of the fundamental tasks of IT security. It provides the basis for defending against cyber attacks and prevents access to malicious websites and applications.  Managed Network Security covers your network security requirements, reduces system complexity and therefore increases the security, availability and maintainability of your IT systems. 

Fully protected with Network Security Services

Network security today extends far beyond basic perimeter protection. Not only do external attacks have to be fended off, traffic from the corporate network to the Internet has to be monitored and access within the company network has to be managed using network segmentation. The measures also ensure the constant availability of web applications that are accessed over the Internet and prevent service interruptions. MSS/-i’s Network Security Services are provided as a modular package to suit the individual security needs of your company and support your move to a ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) and an SASE/SSE (Secure Access Service Edge/Security Service Edge) architecture.

Your benefits

Tailored corporate network protection

Protecting employees from accessing malicious websites

Availability and scalability of your web applications

When is it the right solution?

Companies need network security that is tailored to the existing IT system landscape. The measures must both protect access to cloud services and support on-premise resources and thus the IT strategy. Managing network security is key here.

To meet your organisation’s security needs, you need a wide range of scalable network security services that mitigate current threats. These services include:

  • A Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) which, alongside conventional firewall functions, offers extended functionality, such as application-level packet scanning and attack prevention. The latest security features, such as ZTNA or SASE/SSE for hybrid cloud access, can also be integrated.
  • A secure web gateway (proxy) that analyses encrypted connections for malware and blocks access to potentially dangerous Internet addresses.
  • An application delivery controller that ensures the availability and security of web applications through load balancing and access control.

Managed Network Security in a nutshell

In this video, discover how MSS-i protects companies from cyber attacks.


What’s in it for you:

  • Protect perimeters, company networks and web applications
  • Monitor all traffic to and from the Internet
  • Managed Service; modular and scalable at predictable costs

Why Swisscom?

  • Best practice: You benefit from a firewall architecture with maximum protection.
  • Customised policies: We adapt the firewall to your needs in a traceable way (audit trail).
  • Industry specific: We configure the web gateway according to the best practices of your industry.

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Managed Firewall Services factsheet

Managed Secure Web Gateway factsheet

Managed Application Delivery Controller factsheet

The components of the MSS-i portfolio

As managed services, MSS-i’s three offerings include a 24/7 service for operation and maintenance as well as for problem and incident management.

Managed firewall

Managed Next Generation Firewall, which can be operated locally, in the Swisscom Cloud or in the Public Cloud, and offers the following:

  • Basic protection with a Next Generation Firewall
  • Access services with ZTNA
  • Secure access to multi-cloud services thanks to SASE/SSE functions
  • Extended services with WAN/SD-WAN, web proxy and remote access services
  • Additional security services from the Unified Threat Management solution

Managed Application Delivery Controller

Uses load balancing and functions as a reverse proxy to ensure security and availability of web applications:

  • Load balancing with SSL offload and load balancing
  • Signature-based protection against attacks such as SQL Injection and XSS
  • Reverse proxy with LDAP and Active Directory authentication

Managed Secure Web Gateway

Secure web proxy that detects and filters out malicious traffic to secure access to web and cloud services:


  • Eliminates known threats even in SSL-encrypted connections
  • Constantly updated filters based on positive/negative lists, URL, categories
  • Integrated in anti-malware solutions from different manufacturers
  • Bandwidth management and reporting

Typical applications for MSS-i

Multiple locations with secure Internet access over a managed firewall

Various company locations within Switzerland and abroad are connected to the headquarters. Access to the Internet is protected by a managed firewall. The infrastructure is operated and managed on premise, in the public cloud or in Swisscom data centres. All changes to the security policies are audited and recorded in a transparent manner.

Control access to the web with Managed Secure Web Gateway

Protect the online portal with the Managed Application Delivery Controller

MSS-i services

Managed Network Security Services encompass all security activities, from device management to security monitoring, reporting and management.

Serviceleistungen von MSS-i
  • «Our security is always up to date – and we save two hours of work daily.»  

    Pascal Fontaine, IT Manager


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The basis for protection from cyber attacks

Security prevention is more than operational implementation and should be integrated into the IT security strategy. This whitepaper facilitates a critical review of a company’s IT baseline protection and an evaluation of measures.

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