Swisscom Fraud Prevention Service

Gap-free security is your bank’s most important asset

Ensure regulatory compliance and an impeccable reputation for your bank with Swisscom’s Fraud Prevention Service.

Together with our partner NetGuardians, we employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to effectively protect your IT systems from fraud. Our solution immediately blocks transactions where unusual behaviour is detected and automatically notifies you in high-risk situations.

Minimise risks, ensure effectiveness and increase efficiency

Our monitoring algorithms regularly analyse the behaviour of customers and employees in real time (fraud detection), reliably identifying cyber threats and effectively protecting your bank against fraud (fraud protection). This efficient fraud management tool thus minimises the operational risks to which your financial institution is exposed, not only saving you time and money, but also safeguarding your reputation.

Security is the top priority

Our solution is easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and easy on your budget thanks to pay-as-you-go billing. Our regular monitoring scans your systems for the latest threats, contributing to the smooth, secure running of your IT infrastructure. Swiss partners coupled with exclusive data storage in Switzerland guarantee the highest level of security.

You also gain access to our extensive competence network and have the chance to discuss fraud prevention with our experts. Your dedicated contact person will be happy to answer your specific questions.

When is it the right solution?

Digitisation is both increasing networking and opening up banking systems to meet the needs of end users. Do you want to leverage the latest knowledge and technology to combat fraud despite the proliferation of programming interfaces (APIs)?

With the Fraud Prevention Service, you can effectively protect yourself from cyber attacks in a highly networked world and reduce the number of false positives. This will both improve detection rates and save time, which you can invest in serving and advising your customers.

Use dynamic whitelisting for recipients and further reduce suspicious cases. With machine learning, you can broaden the focus to the behaviour of other banks and include this in the risk assessment. This allows transaction risk values to be reduced even further.

Your benefits

  • Maximum protection for your banking system and your customers at all times
  • Intelligent learning systems for faster and more accurate fraud detection
  • Pay-as-you-go billing for flexibility and transparency

Use the Fraud Prevention Service

Swisscom Partner

Why Swisscom?

Up-to-date expertise

Benefit from the competence network and stay up to date on fraud prevention.

The latest technology

Use our monitoring algorithms and create behavioural analyses with the aid of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Price stability

Receive needs-based services from a single source with complete cost and planning certainty.

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us.