CyberVault Backup

CyberVault Backup – your immutable backup solution

CyberVault Backup offers guaranteed data recovery, even if your backup environment is completely destroyed in a cyberattack.

With a CyberVault backup, you can protect your business-critical backup data from cyberattack and prevent lengthy periods of downtime. In this virtual vault, your backup data is isolated from the network and cannot be modified or deleted, allowing you to return to normal business operations as swiftly as possible after a cyberattack.

At selected times, data is transferred to backup storage over an isolated network connection (air gap solution). Thanks to intelligent analytics (machine learning), your backup data is constantly monitored for anomalies (cyber security anomaly detection). Alerts from anomaly detection are analysed by the Swisscom team of Threat Detection and Response experts, as required.

The biggest business risk for Swiss companies is ransomware attacks – which are increasing in frequency and severity (source: Allianz Risk Barometer (Switzerland), 2023). That is why, alongside protective measures, companies also need functions to restore data and processes, should their defences be breached and their backups also attacked.

When is it the right solution?

Do you want a recovery solution to protect your business-critical data from attack? Are you looking for a CyberVault that is also physically segregated from the network by an air-gap solution, meaning that your backup cannot be attacked?

In our CyberVault backup environment, your data cannot be deleted or modified (even by Swisscom) before the expiry of the data storage period. Since the vault is physically and logically segregated from the network in an isolated environment, your backups cannot be encrypted.

Our immutable backup solution guarantees clean data recovery, even if your entire backup infrastructure is destroyed in a cyberattack.

Your benefits:

  • Protect your backup data and systems from insider and outsider attack, modification and deletion
  • Fully managed CyberVault backup solution (end-to-end) with a definable recovery process
  • Anomaly detection with intelligent analytics powered by machine learning and extensible with TDR expertise from Swisscom, if required

Your path to CyberVault Backup

CyberVault Backup product features

The CyberVault Backup solution can be added to your existing Managed Outsourcing backup services.

CyberVault Backup is your advanced data protection and data management solution, providing additional protection and recovery capabilities to help your organisation withstand and recover from cyberattacks.

With Golden Copy, you will be able to restore your business-critical data even if your entire backup production environment is destroyed in a cyberattack.

  • All your backup data is stored in an immutable, non-deletable and isolated state in a Swisscom data centre
  • Your data is transferred over a separate, secure network that is open for data transfer for a short time only (air gap backup)

You can rest assured that your CyberVault backup data will remain usable in the event of an incident.

  • All your backup data is stored in an immutable, non-deletable and isolated state in a Swisscom data centre
  • Your data is transferred over a separate, secure network that is open for data transfer for a short time only (air gap backup)
  • With the aid of Anomaly Detection, Cyber Sense uses structure and entropy analyses to check for illegal modifications to your backup data
  • A Threat Detection and Response (TDR) service is available to you, which analyses threats directly in the Swisscom Security Operation Center (SOC) and provides recommendations for action

Swisscom supports its customers with the design and operation of an emergency IT system for use in the event of a cyberattack.

  • The prerequisite for data recovery is an isolated IT infrastructure that has not been compromised (Clean Room)
  • Plan B is therefore not used purely for restoring data; it also provides a run book for all mission-critical applications, so that all processes are clearly defined in the event of a cyberattack

How CyberVault works

Illustration zeigt Smart Metering im Prozessablauf: Analysieren, Handeln, Messen und Aggregieren.

Following our customers’ specification of the mission-critical workload (in green), the network is opened for a secure data transfer (1) and the backup data is backed up in the CyberVault over the air gap.

This backup data (Golden Copy) cannot be modified or deleted (2). The backup data is checked for anomalies in the Golden Copy+ product (3). If changes are detected during anomaly detection, our team of experts analyses these and recommends the next steps (4). The unmodified recovery data is always available if required (5).

Why choose Swisscom?

Comprehensive service

Thanks to Threat Detection and Response (TDR) services with integrated Security Operation Center (SOC), you receive valuable, field-tested recommendations for action.

Uncompromising security

Benefit from a hosting/cloud provider-managed installation with zero trust architecture options.

Swiss solution

Our solutions are developed in Switzerland and all data is stored in Swiss data centres.

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