Data protection with Sensitive Data Services

Sensitive Data Services: locate, classify and protect sensitive data

Hybrid IT infrastructures raise questions about data protection. In other words, where the confidential data is stored and whether this sensitive information is really being stored in the right place and correctly classified.

Locating and protecting sensitive data

An up-to-date overview is important, and not only to comply with the regulatory provisions of the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and its European counterpart, the GDPR. Risk management must also take into account systems that store sensitive data. With Sensitive Data Services, you get the overview you need and can respond accordingly.

Data protection is the most important reason for keeping track of where precisely sensitive information is stored. However, it’s also about data security and managing risk. This is where important questions arise: is customer and personal data sufficiently protected in the event of a cyber attack and stored only in designated locations? Are steps taken to ensure that sensitive data does not accidentally fall into the wrong hands (data leakage)? This can happen, for example, if data is not anonymised on a test platform or is shared with third parties. The more complex the IT infrastructure, the greater the importance of data monitoring such as Sensitive Data Services for inventorisation and classification of data.

Your benefits

  • Complete overview of confidential data regardless of storage location
  • Implementation of data governance requirements
  • Data inventory to meet regulatory requirements such as FADP, GDPR

When is it the right solution?

With hybrid and multi-cloud environments, companies are responding flexibly to changing needs. In doing so, they need to ensure that confidential data does not end up on the wrong platform or being inadvertently shared with third parties. Data governance and an up-to-date data inventory are central to ensuring data protection.

Keep track with our automated service, which scans and categorises your data, helping you lay the foundations for the proper protection of confidential data. When you share data such as log files with third parties, the service helps you to ensure that confidential information is deleted beforehand. Or it can prevent sensitive information from landing in test environments. This enables you to ensure correct compliance with data protection provisions in the case of sensitive data, even in complex IT infrastructures.

Why Swisscom?

  • Proven: We use the service for global companies and for Swisscom itself.
  • Swiss solution: We process your confidential data either on site or in our data centres.
  • Flexible: We offer the service as a stand-alone solution or as an integration via API.

The first step



How Sensitive Data Services work

The DataScout software searches stored data, automatically locates potentially sensitive information and indicates the data category to which it belongs. On the basis of the report, the confidential data can be moved, reclassified, anonymised, protected or deleted.

Data Profiling
Data Profiling

Identify where potentially sensitive data is stored.

Data Category Matching
Data Category Matching​

Search all data records and match them with predefined categories.

Exact Data Matching
Exact Data Matching

Verify matches using real data sets (fingerprinting).


Create statistical reports on matched data categories.

Three steps to the secure handling of sensitive data

Our comprehensive services will support you handle your sensitive company data correctly.

Define confidential data

With a  “data protection check”, you define together with our experts what type of data is particularly sensitive for your company in connection with the Federal Act on Data Protection or the GDPR. 

Search for and locate sensitive information

Sensitive Data Services track down sensitive personal data in your company and categorise it accordingly.

Monitor usage and protect data

Audit Guard logs activities relating to sensitive data and reports breaches of industry-specific standards. Data Loss Prevention prevents the leakage of sensitive information. 

Complementary solutions

Data Loss Prevention

Protect your business from unauthorised data leakage. Our service supports you in complying with regulatory and legal data protection requirements.

Audit Guard

Create transparency in the handling of confidential data, so that you can track and document all activities if necessary.

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