Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Protect your data with the Data Loss Prevention

Data loss is often unintentional. But that does not mean that accidental data leakage is any less risky. Companies face potential legal consequences and damage to their reputation. To protect their confidential customer data and ensure data security, therefore, they need a system for Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Protect sensitive data with Data Loss Prevention

For effective data protection, companies need more than knowledge of the channels they use to process and forward confidential data; they also need an overview of where the information is stored. With this level of transparency, companies can set up a system to scan channels like e-mail, web and file directories for accidental data leakage and sound the alarm when necessary. Preventing data loss or data leakage also ensures that companies are able to meet regulatory and compliance requirements for data protection.

Your benefits

Improved transparency of your company’s data flows

Increased data security with protection against data leakage

Simple integration into your security processes

When is it the right solution?

There is a growing move to process and store data digitally in different locations. At the same time, regulatory and legal requirements for data protection are increasing. You need to make sure that your company meets these requirements.

Data Loss Prevention brings transparency over data flows and prevents confidential information from being shared with unauthorised persons, whether accidentally or intentionally. The measures also help to promote employee awareness of data protection and responsible handling of customer data.


To provide your business with optimal protection from unauthorised data leakage from your M365 applications, you can purchase DLP as a managed service using Microsoft DLP as an additional option from Swisscom.

Data Loss Prevention in a nutshell

How does DLP work exactly? Learn more about how it works and possible applications in the short video.

What’s in it for you:

  • Identify and monitor confidential data
  • Prevent data loss in different channels
  • Boost employee awareness of data protection

Why choose Swisscom?

  • Industry specific: Our optimised policies provide you with the level of data protection you want.
  • Based in Switzerland: We only operate and process data in our data centres.
  • Individualised: You can create any additional policies you need.

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Factsheet Data Loss Prevention

Factsheet Microsoft DLP as a Service

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Data Loss Prevention & Microsoft DLP as a Service in detail

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent unauthorised leakage of sensitive information from your company.

  • Customised protection concept, can be rolled out in phases if required
  • Complete transparency over the data flowing out of your organisation
  • Extensive possibilities with DLP Incident Remediation
  • Efficient data protection with on-premise, hybrid and cloud architecture
  • Standardised and industry-optimised DLP policies

Microsoft DLP as a Service

Prevent unauthorised leakage of sensitive information from your Microsoft 365 and cloud applications.

  • Service configuration & operation directly in your Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Builds on your Microsoft licences; no additional licences required
  • Covers your online Microsoft 365 applications (e.g. SharePoint Online)
  • Efficient data protection in the Microsoft 365 environment
  • Standardised and industry-optimised DLP policies

The Swisscom I-MARS security concept

The Swisscom I-MARS security concept is designed to facilitate transparency, measurability and comprehensive control for protecting sensitive data. It includes the Audit Guard and Data Loss Prevention services. Swisscom uses these services itself to handle sensitive data.

Das Schutzkonzept i-MARS

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Data Loss Prevention

Unwanted data leakage is often caused by the unintentional actions of employees. Discover how DLP can prevent this in the whitepaper.


DLP: protection against data theft

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