Hybrid Cloud and Data Center

Hybrid cloud solutions are the key to digitisation.

Managing multi-cloud – read now.

Want to take full advantage of both the Private and Public Cloud? Then let’s get started. Together, we can develop powerful cloud solutions that take you to the next level in agility, cost, scalability and competitiveness.

Facts about cloud use in Switzerland 

  • Swiss companies spent

    CHF 477 million

    more on cloud services in 2020 than in the previous year.

  • In 2020, 51.4 % of workloads in Switzerland were relocated to the Public Cloud.

  • The use of PaaS and SaaS solutions in Switzerland will increase by 22.2% and 24.6% respectively in 2021.

  • 7% annual growth: the adaptation of Public Clouds is the strongest growth driver in the Swiss cloud market.

Meet the Expert

MSM study: Multi Cloud Switzerland

From the cloud to the Multi Cloud: the challenges and what we expect from IT service providers.

Five scenarios for a secure, hybrid cloud environment

Cloud Foundation

Choose the right strategy

Customer requirements

Choosing the right IT strategy is crucial for the success of a company. But new technologies and services are appearing all the time and your in-house IT landscape can soon become outdated. Finding the right approaches in this dynamic environment is challenging. As is making the right decisions about governance, security, and models for target operating, sourcing and cost.

How Swisscom supports you

Drawing on proven methodologies, our specialists are here to give you the expert support you require, helping you implement your plans step by step and achieve your goals right from the start.


Modernise your infrastructure & applications

Innovation & transformation

Embrace new business models

Operation & Optimisation

Reduce complexity & cost

Data Value

Use data intelligently

That’s why Swisscom is the right choice for your cloud projects  

Experienced & specialised

Whatever the operating model (on-premises, Private, Public Cloud or hybrid), our more than 400 specialised cloud experts, with their many years of experience, are here to support you.

Individually tailored

We tailor cloud solutions to your needs, relying on our know-how and numerous (Public) Cloud certifications.

Trusted by over 500 B2B customers

More and more B2B customers in Switzerland have benefited from our ICT, cloud and managed services expertise.

Security and data protection at the highest level

From our networks to our data centres, we consistently ensure the highest security standards that meet your compliance requirements.

Diverse technologies & leading partners

Strategic partnerships with leading international cloud providers such as Microsoft and AWS permit comprehensive, industry-specific, end-to-end support.

Swisscom Cloud expertise

Cloud Services & Solutions

Private Cloud, Public Cloud or combinations of the two with the full support of our experts.

Cloud Native

For even greater flexibility and speed in digitisation. Operation, consulting and further development.

Cloud Sourcing

A flexible way to take advantage of our expertise, infrastructure and services and bring your business forward.

Data Center

Data centres in Switzerland combined the technological and service expertise of our specialists.

Your hybrid cloud solution, tailored to your business needs

Whether you are interested in a hybrid solution that includes specially developed and Public Cloud solutions or an end-to-end Managed Services solution: we’re there for you and your customers.

Swisscom Hybrid Cloud

Customer success stories

  • Vestergaard: Azure / IT-Outsourcing

    “With Cloud Azure, we can now leave the ICT infrastructure, operational activities and applications in Swisscom’s hands.”

    Nicolas Schornoz, CFO and COO

    Nicolas Schornoz
  • SeedIMPULSE: AWS with Swisscom

    “With the AWS platform, we’ve achieved cost savings of 75% and been able to simplify IT operations.”

    Julien von Siebenthal, CEO and Co-Founder

    Julien von Siebenthal
  • Solina: Azure and Microsoft 365

    “We want to be pioneers in digitisation in our industry, which is why we were looking for a partner.”

    Giovanni Imsand, Head of ICT

    Giovanni Imsand
  • Loeb: IT outsourcing

    “Since outsourcing all of our IT tasks to Swisscom, we have increasingly capitalised on our internal resources to drive the core business forward.”

    Martin Stucki, CDO

    Martin Stucki
  • dormakaba: Enterprise Application Cloud

    “We are transforming our business model: away from products and towards a service business.”

    Andreas Häberli, CTO

    Andreas Häberli
  • Codalis: Dynamic Computing Services DCS

    “We can offer our customers the capacity they need and guarantee optimal availability.”

    Cédric Juillerat, Director

    Cédric Juillerat
  • EMS: Microsoft Cloud Services by Swisscom

    “We needed significantly more flexibility than the previous server-based solution could offer us. We are now perfectly equipped to deal with the coronavirus implications.”

    Mauro Cadorin, Head of IT

    Mauro Cadorin
  • Rhomberg: IoT on Azure by Swisscom

    “Today, we have an end-to-end chain of IoT solutions in which our sensor data flows into our Azure IoT hub via Swisscom.”

    Christian Schollenberger, Global Head of IT

    Christian Schollenberger
  • SGS: IOT for monitoring modern technologies

    “Swisscom is working with the Geneva-based goods testing group SGS to learn how to effectively integrate IoT in the real world.”

    Read more about the SGS/Swisscom IOT partnership

  • HOPPE: Journey to the Cloud, Professional Services, Azure

    “Our journey to the cloud: from the Azure starter kit workshop to proof of concept to the subsequent development of the Azure environment.”

    Gerhard Kapeller, IT Infrastructure Manager

    Gerhard Kapeller

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