Solina Foundation

«Our cloud solution is helping us become an industry pioneer.»

Giovanni Imsand, Head of ICT,  Solina Foundation

The story in brief:

The Solina Foundation operates its applications in the Azure Cloud and with Microsoft 365 – with Swisscom as its central contact partner.

The Solina Foundation is one of the Bernese Oberland’s leading providers of long-term care, with modern ideas for living, supervision and care. As a cloud solution provider (CSP) partner of Microsoft ®, Swisscom is playing an important role in the digitalisation of its processes.

Solina Foundation

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Number of employees: approx. 600

The project with Swisscom

  • Assistance with licensing and billing
  • Advice on digitalisation


These products are used by the Company

Microsoft Cloud Services

Explore modern cloud-based workplaces and more with Switzerland’s leading Microsoft Cloud Partner.

Wanted: assistance and expert support with digital transformation

Solina uses a wide selection of applications, ranging from care documentation, facility management and HR applications to planning and accounting tools. Its head of ICT, Giovanni Imsand, says they have one thing in common: “They must not fail!” The foundation has been using an Azure Cloud solution for some time.

“We were looking for a partner to take responsibility for Azure licensing and billing, which are often time-consuming, and to provide the expertise we needed to deal with complex digital transformation issues quickly. We aspire to be pioneers in our industry in terms of digitalisation,” says Imsand.

Found: a dedicated cloud solution provider

Giovanni Imsand is happy to be working with Swisscom, an ideal CSP for Solina: “We have a central contact partner for everything and can access specialists directly whenever we need them. Thanks to Swisscom’s close relationship with Microsoft, problems are quickly and professionally resolved. Our systems are extremely robust.”

Imsand says that amalgamating numerous stand-alone software solutions in a single solution including Microsoft 365 is a challenge. He considers Swisscom a reliable partner to help Solina achieve this, as well as develop future-oriented solutions using SharePoint, FormFlow, Intune and data analytics. The cost? “It’s certainly manageable,” says Imsand.

Portrait Giovanni Imsand

«Thanks to Swisscom’s close relationship with Microsoft, problems are quickly and professionally resolved»

Giovanni Imsand, Head of ICT