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  • Microsoft 365 Management
  • Microsoft Teams telephony and Management
  • Microsoft Licensing Services
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot

Answer three questions and find your individual path to the Microsoft Cloud.

Create innovative workstations that make day-to-day work easier for your employees.

With Microsoft 365 from the cloud, your team will be able to access applications and data securely on any device and from any location. Benefit from reliable Swisscom services for Microsoft Cloud solutions and use additional services if required, unlocking the full potential of Microsoft 365.

Your Swiss IT partner for the Microsoft 365 Cloud

With the modern communication possibilities of Microsoft 365 Cloud, you can facilitate collaboration among your employees and increase the productivity of your company. Swisscom and its experienced team of experts will support you on your journey to the cloud, helping you find the optimal solution for your needs. Take advantage of our advice, best practices and services including:

  • Professional services (consulting, engineering, low-code software development)
  • Managed services for telephony, workplace and security
  • Licensing optimisation recommendation (CSP/LSP)

After careful analysis of your needs, you select the appropriate additional services for you, benefiting from efficient operation and automatic updates for all applications. You can therefore take full advantage of your cloud workplaces, keep pace with Microsoft 365 developments and give your employees the tools they need to work efficiently and with ease.

Why Swisscom is the optimal cloud partner for you

Benefit from the proven industry expertise of an experienced partner in all aspects of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 projects.

Enjoy the best possible on-site support from the leading provider of Microsoft Cloud services in Switzerland.

Rely on resource-efficient, customisable cloud solutions that optimally cater to your requirements.

Comprehensive Microsoft Cloud Services from Swisscom

Microsoft 365 Management

Leave the management of Microsoft 365 to us and focus on your core business.

Microsoft Teams telephony and management

Manage your telephony solution and make calls using your regular telephone numbers directly via the app.

Microsoft Licensing Services

Optimal combination of technology and implementation through software licensing with licence consulting.

Microsoft Power Platform

Develop your own apps, automate processes, build intelligent bots and create business intelligence reports.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Integrate generative AI into your company to enhance creativity, productivity, and skills.

More offers

Future Work Consulting

Professional, comprehensive support on your journey to the workplace of the future.

Collabo­ration & Communi­cation

Secure collaboration anywhere and at any time, with flexible solutions targeted to your needs.

Enterprise Workspace

Centrally manage all workplaces via one portal and promote individuality at the workplace.

Design your work environment with our Microsoft Cloud solutions

Tell us your requirements, wishes and needs. With our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, we give you targeted advice and support to create the optimal cloud-based working environment for you.

Easy Doing Business With Swisscom

Reducing complexity is our common goal. Everything is designed so that you can quickly create positive experiences and deliver profitable results.


Leverage smart technology to improve the work experience of your employees. This is the key to efficient collaboration and a culture of innovation. Embrace the modern workplace and have your workspace optimally tailored to your needs.


Become more productive and efficient in your work by letting us take care of everything else: identity & access management, service management, infrastructure and telephony.


Thanks to our cyber security management, you are continually provided with the latest releases to ensure that your working environment remains secure and up to date at all times. Our security consulting team is there to answer your questions and help you to create a secure, high-performance infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Cloud use cases

Customer requirements

Comal.ch was looking for an IT solution which was ideally suited to its organisation and which optimally supported interdisciplinary collaboration. Particularly important was open, flexible access to the company’s extensive knowledge base and specific expertise of the employees.

How Swisscom supports you

Swisscom supported Comal.ch on its journey to a future-oriented IT landscape that has significantly simplified cooperation between all employees and made the entire company more efficient. The services ranged from consulting to engineering. Despite considerable challenges, the results are outstanding.

Customer requirements

Employees at SKAN have to be able to access their data and applications at any time and from anywhere. At the same time, the enormous growth and significant increase in new employees gave rise to demand for highly flexible, scalable solutions that are efficient and also secure.

How Swisscom supports you

Employees access the data from anywhere over the Microsoft Cloud. With the additional support of Work Smart Coaching, international cooperation has thus become easier and more efficient. SKAN can also manage new Microsoft 365 licences quickly, easily and cost effectively with the aid of the flexible self-service Swisscom Dashboard.

Customer requirements

During the IT strategy review, it became clear that Vestergaard would, in the future, need a partner with an international presence and highly specialised expertise in all aspects of IT. The company has found the ideal partner in Swisscom and considers this a competitive advantage over its competitors.

How Swisscom supports you

Today, Swisscom is Vestergaard’s sole IT supplier, providing a proactive IT service that brings continuous improvements and optimisations, including unobstructed access to state-of-the-art technologies such as IoT, blockchain and big data without requiring the company to invest in its own employees.

Customer requirements

EMS’s server-based solutions were slowly reaching their limits. Parts of the infrastructure were static and inflexible, and had become outdated. The company’s strong growth as well as new user requirements in respect of mobility, modernity and security demanded a much more powerful and agile IT environment.

How Swisscom supports you

EMS opted for a ‘cloud only’ strategy, which meant moving all applications and data to Microsoft’s cloud environment. This greatly simplified the workplace infrastructure and boosted IT capabilities, allowing EMS to react more quickly to new customer enquiries.

Customer requirements

The Solina Foundation was looking for a partner to manage its complex Microsoft Cloud licensing and billing. In line with its aim of becoming a digital pioneer in its industry, the company was looking for a reliable partner that would be able to quickly identify solutions to complex digital transformation issues.

How Swisscom supports you

The many existing isolated software solutions were to be merged into an integrated solution including Microsoft 365. There was also a need for the development of new, forward-looking solutions. Welcome benefits include highly stable operation, predictable, transparent costs and the expertise of a central point of contact.

Awards and certificates

We have a number of certifications attesting to our many years of expertise and long-established cooperation with Microsoft.

Badge: Microsoft Solutions Partner Infrastructure, Azure. Specialist: SAP on Azure, Infra and Database Migration
Badge: Microsoft Solutions Partner, Modern Work
Badge ISG Provider Lens: Managed Public Cloud Services for Large Accounts
Microsoft Partner: Azure Expert MSP

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Do without your own server infrastructure. This reduces your carbon footprint.

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