Microsoft Teams Telephony & Phone System Management

Teams Telephony - make calls using your mobile or landline number wherever you are

Turn Microsoft Teams, the comprehensive business collaboration platform, into an integrated telephone system:

Using Microsoft Teams Telephony from Swisscom, your employees can make calls directly via the app on their desktop, tablet and smartphone. Make international phone calls in the customary high Swisscom voice quality directly from the Teams environment using your fixed-network number.

Exclusively with Swisscom

Use MS Teams now also with your mobile number

This offer is available now exclusively in Switzerland for SMEs with Enterprise Mobile.

When is it the right solution?

Looking for an efficient collaboration platform that allows your employees to make calls and collaborate efficiently, regardless of location and device?

Microsoft Teams Telephony from Swisscom helps you avoid high investment costs in traditional telephone systems and reduces the complexity of your telephony installation. Switching to cloud-based telephony opens up new cross-company collaboration opportunities for your employees – whether they are using a laptop, smartphone, tablet or PC.

Your benefits:

  • One smart application for everything: telephony, chat, central document storage, screen sharing and more
  • One smart application for everything: telephony, chat, video conferencing, document collaboration and more
  • Virtual telephone system: Using Microsoft Teams on the Microsoft 365 cloud can replace your existing telephone infrastructure and the need to purchase a new system

Your journey to Teams Telephony

How Teams Telephony works

Whether in the office, working from home or on the move, with Microsoft Teams, your employees can make calls securely, regardless of location. As you are connected to the cloud, there’s no need for a physical telephone system and your employees are able to communicate with each another and with customers via the desktop and mobile app in exceptional voice quality.

Implementing Teams Telephony at your business 

Through our process, we establish the right solution for your business and guide you every step of the way. 

The solution framework is defined by simple parameters such as the number of employees and sites, and your infrastructure.

We'll work with you to define the most appropriate Teams Telephony solution - for example, based on the professional categories of users. In this way, our offering is modular and flexible to meet your needs.

In the test phase, we check the installation very carefully and make any final adjustments if necessary. The solution is then implemented.

Why Swisscom?

A wealth of experience

We have been Microsoft’s biggest partner for UCC solutions in Switzerland for more than ten years.

Certified employees

We have well over 200 certified Microsoft engineers to support you with every aspect of the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

A trusted partner

In the SME environment, we work with specialised, certified Swisscom partner companies.

Combine with other Swisscom solutions

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 cloud solution supports mobile working and helps companies accelerate digitisation.

Compatible communication solutions

Discover our flexible communication offerings With Enterprise SIP for enterprise customers or Smart Business Connect for SMEs, we have the perfect products for your needs.

Enterprise Mobile for SMEs

Use MS Teams Telephony Mobile with all Enterprise Mobile subscriptions. On the best mobile network in Switzerland and 100% climate neutral.


Microsoft Teams Telephony Mobile is available for SMEs with Enterprise Mobile and enterprise customers with NATEL® go subscriptions.

Microsoft Teams Telephony from Swisscom can be used by any Microsoft 365 business customers. Availability of the telephony functions in Teams requires a Teams phone licence.

Please contact our experts for an initial, no obligation discussion. Swift implementation of Microsoft Teams Telephony from Swisscom is usually very straightforward. We recommend you carry out a needs-based analysis with our experts to ensure a smooth and customised changeover to Teams.

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