Enterprise SIP for your private branch exchange (PBX)

Enterprise SIP for your private branch exchange (PBX) 

Every company today relies on fail-safe voice, data and video communication of the highest quality. Enterprise SIP is the foundation for your VoIP infrastructure at all of your Switzerland-based sites while Enterprise SIP Cloud is your solution for cloud-based PBX systems anywhere. 

Simple and fail-safe thanks to Swisscom SIP trunk 

Enterprise SIP connects your on-premise or cloud-based PBX system to Swisscom’s IP telephony network, offering the highest voice quality, reliability and flexibility in both versions. We use the standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to set up, manage and terminate communication sessions. The unified IP communication network for voice, data and video simplifies planning, deployment and operation and reduces costs. Enterprise SIP offers extensive basic telephone services and many helpful options such as flexible routing for emergency calls. 

Your benefits

  • Connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network via secure Swisscom connections  
  • Scalable connection of simple to highly complex PBX constellations 
  • Combines on-premise and cloud-based PBX for cloud transformation 

When is it the right solution?

Despite the widespread use of the Internet, e-mail and online shopping, many Swiss companies continue to attach great importance to telephone-based customer contact. Which is why a fixed network number, high availability and first-class voice quality as well as fast call setup are essential. Enterprise SIP guarantees all this and more. 

Thanks to Enterprise SIP, your customers benefit from crystal-clear voice communication. The integrated mechanisms protect your customer account from misuse and your phone numbers from reputation-damaging spoofing. What’s more, you can flexibly configure your SIP trunk yourself in the online portal. 

Why Swisscom?

  • Available: our stable network guarantees voice quality and availability of your lines
  • Secure: continuous system monitoring protects you from fraud 
  • Intuitive: straightforward service management in the Swisscom online portal

The first step 

About our solutions

Enterprise SIP connects your on-premise private branch exchange to the Public Switched Telephone Network. Numerous options allow configurations with maximum availability, stability and security. The solution comes with integrated call forwarding scenarios as well as emergency number routing. 

Enterprise SIP: connects your on-premise private branch exchange to the Public Switched Telephone Network.

If you are already working with a Microsoft Teams or Webex Calling based cloud telephone system or if you would like to replace your existing local system with it, then Enterprise SIP Cloud is the suitable connection. This way you combine telephony with the full collaboration features of Webex or MS Teams. For more information, see Teams Telephony or Cisco Webex collaboration solutions.

Enterprise SIP Cloud: connects your MS Teams PBX system to the Public Switched Telephone Network.

Options in detail 

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life or in critical situations, it is often the minor details that determine whether or not your company and your customers are satisfied with the telephony solution. With Enterprise SIP, Swisscom has got you covered. 

Inbound calls can be forwarded to any defined telephone number. Your customers enjoy shorter waiting times while your business benefits from greater availability. Calls are forwarded within the core network and not only in the voice system at the customer site. So calls are not lost, even if the voice system fails. 

Your benefits 

  • Simple configuration of call forwarding via My Swisscom Business  
  • Call forwarding can be activated manually, automatically or via API 

Emergency calls are forwarded from your private branch exchange to the nearest emergency call centre according to the location information of the emergency call function (E112 standard). 

Your benefits 

  • Straightforward maintenance of location information 
  • Emergency calls are routed to the correct operations centre even with nomadic use 

Spoofing has also become common in telephony. Callers transmit a telephone number (caller ID or A number) for which they have no usage rights. For example, as the caller ID, callers use a Swiss number that is assigned to an end customer (police, hotline, company number, etc.) or that has not yet been assigned. Both are clear cases of misuse. 

Spoofing poses a danger because the callers are assuming a false identity and the calls are answered because of the deception. The callers often have fraudulent intentions. It is also possible that customers whose phone number has been misused could receive annoying call backs despite not being responsible for the original call. A company or authority’s reputation could be damaged by this. 

The Anti-Spoofing option for Enterprise SIP allows organisations to protect their phone numbers. To do this, they configure the option for each number block individually in the Enterprise SIP application in My Swisscom Business, directly within the Swisscom network. The option is configured for entire number blocks rather than individual numbers. 

Your benefits 

  • Swisscom detects misuse of your telephone numbers on your behalf 
  • Protect entire number blocks  
  • Activation/deactivation via My Swisscom Business 

There are different availability options that can be selected, depending on customer requirements: 

  • Monthly availability of up to 99.9% 
  • Multi server (1 PBX, multiple servers) 
  • Multiple service access points (geographically dispersed PBX) 
  • Multi PBX (multiple PBX at one site) 

Your benefits 

  • Availability can be adjusted to suit your needs 
  • Combining the options allows you to cater to individual requirements 

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