«We can access our applications anytime, anywhere. That is agility!»

Mauro Cadorin, Head of IT EMS

The story in brief:

With its dental prophylactic solutions (guided biofilm therapy approach), EMS is a global leader. The west Swiss high-tech company also develops medical devices for orthopaedics and urology. In order to support its rapid growth, EMS is moving its IT to the Azure Cloud.

Static IT holds business back

EMS sells 95% of its Swiss-made solutions and services abroad – mainly in Europe and Asia. Its IT infrastructure needs to meet high standards: it must always be available worldwide, enable rapid new and further development of applications and, last but not least, support the implementation of the European Medical Devices Regulation. Since it is essential for EMS to offer effective support to its customers all over the world, secure access to data and applications from anywhere is indispensable. Collaboration with dentist training institutions also plays an important role.

With its server-based solution, EMS found itself increasingly limited, with some of its infrastructure out of date, static and inflexible. The company’s rapid growth – especially in emerging markets – and new user requirements in terms of mobility, modernity and security demanded a much more powerful and agile IT environment. “We needed much greater flexibility,” says Mauro Cadorin, head of IT at EMS.

Company Facts

  • Number of employees: > 700
  • Industry: Medical technology

Project Facts:

  • Much simpler infrastructure
  • Workplace «anyhow, anywhere, anytime»
  • Maximum flexibility


These products are used by the Company

Microsoft Cloud Services

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Moving forward with a dynamic cloud-only solution

Cloud only – this is EMS’s strategic answer to the challenges it faces. “Competent Swisscom engineers are helping us to move all our applications and data to the Azure Cloud. On the whole, this process is running very efficiently. We want to use all the Microsoft Cloud services, including Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365,” explains Mauro Cadorin.

The journey to the cloud is well under way. “It is making our infrastructure much simpler. New applications are operational within hours. Our Microsoft 365 workplaces are available anyhow, anywhere, anytime. This, along with Teams, meant we were ideally equipped for the Coronavirus crisis.” Using Work Smart Coaching, Swisscom ensured that the company’s employees were able to immediately put the new collaboration tools to profitable use.

Collaboration with Swisscom is also highly efficient, says Mauro Cadorin: “We know each other well, it’s always the same Swisscom experts who help us. We work productively as a team and we get support fast if a problem crops up. Thanks to our new cloud solutions, we can respond to our customers’ requests more quickly and our engineers are pleased to have more powerful IT.”