Microsoft Power Platform

Digitise, optimise and automate work processes with the Microsoft Power Platform. 

The Microsoft Power Platform is more than just a suite of powerful tools. It enables you to automate workflows, create custom apps, streamline processes, and analyse data – all without requiring extensive programming knowledge. Our
professional guidance ensures that your team fully leverages these advanced technologies to transform the way you do business.

Integrate with Teams for more efficient collaboration

Use Microsoft Teams as a platform and exploit the full potential of the application. With the integration of the Microsoft Power Platform, Teams becomes the central experience hub for all employees and interactions, allowing you to react faster to new business requirements, increase productivity in your company, and enable employees to collaborate more efficiently.

Low-code platforms are the future

Flexible, needs-based platforms that simplify everyday work, even for those without experience in software development, are becoming increasingly popular. According to Gartner, by 2025, 70% of all applications will be developed based on so-called low-code platforms*. These enable you to create and use individual, professional applications, even if you have limited IT resources or minimal IT expertise. Platforms such as the Microsoft Power Platform are suitable for all companies looking to drive innovation by automating work processes.

* Source: Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms, 2021.

Your benefits

  • Democratise Digitalization: allow the business to solve their own challenges and free IT resources.
  • Efficient processes: increase the productivity of your company with automated processes.
  • Integrate: use Teams as a central location for business processes, data access, and workflow management by integrating with the Power Platform.

When is it the right  solution?

Our solution is designed for companies that want to simplify their business processes quickly and easily, make them more efficient and use them without having to invest in complex IT infrastructure and software development.

The solution is ideal for companies that want to empower their employees with a modern and efficient working environment. Create automated workflows, model processes or generate informative dashboards at the touch of a button.

Low-Code Adoption Framework – Democratize Digital Transformation in a structured and sustainable way, at scale

The Low-Code Adoption Framework, a collaborative creation by Swisscom and the University of St. Gallen, streamlines digital transformation by empowering employees to develop solutions using low-code platforms. This concise guide focuses on three key pillars – People, Innovation, and Governance – and offers a roadmap, best practices, and tools for effective implementation and scaling of low-code solutions across diverse industries.

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Why Swisscom?

  • Access to IT innovation:  we support you in connecting to complex IT systems and innovative technologies such as IoT, 5G and AI.
  • Professional support with getting started workshop:  we will show you how you and your employees can use Microsoft Power Platform in your day-to-day work.
  • Many years of industry expertise:  we're on hand with advice and support from over 250 certified Microsoft experts.

The first step

Power Platform      capabilities

With the Microsoft Power Platform, you can create your own low-code applications without in-depth IT or coding knowledge for data analysis, custom apps and websites, automated workflows, or intelligent chatbots.

Turn ideas and challenges into business solutions by enabling your employees to build individual apps.

Application examples

  • Map and optimise specific tasks and scenarios in simple, clearly arranged apps
  • Create your own apps to simplify time-consuming tasks

Increase business productivity. Achieve more by giving your employees the opportunity to automate processes.

Application examples

  • Automate recurring workflows and tasks
  • Simplify complex processes using individually defined workflows, e.g. for purchase orders, approvals or invoices

Make reliable and informed business decisions by providing your employees with relevant, data-driven insights.

Application examples

  • Merge data from different formats (ERP, Google Analytics, MS Excel, local data sources, etc.)
  • Generate clear data analyses at the click of a button

A new low-code tool that lets you customize Copilot for Microsoft 365 and build your own standalone copilots and chatbots with powerful conversational capabilities.

Application examples

  • Build, test, and publish standalone copilots and custom GPTs
  • Use your custom GPTs and plugins in Copilot for Microsoft 365 and leverage its enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance.

Create powerful, secure, low-code websites that seamlessly integrate with your business data.

Application examples

  • Streamline supplier and customer engagement by creating interactive, data-driven websites for service booking.
  • Enhance internal communication with custom sites that provide employees easy access to essential resources and tools.

Drawing on our many years of expertise in the field of  Robotic Process Automation (RPA)(opens in new tab) we will support you in complex, large-scale automation projects that are implemented outside the Microsoft environment.

Certifications & awards

Examples of low-code apps

The Microsoft Power Platform can be used to create apps easily and in line with the needs of specific use cases. Be inspired by what customers and employees have already achieved courtesy of low-code capabilities.

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