A sustainable business – not someday, but now 

Modern IT solutions and data usage for greater sustainability. 

Working together for more sustainability in businesses 

As the world’s most sustainable telecommunications service provider, we are experts in sustainability and sustainable technology. We help our customers reduce CO2 and implement effective sustainability management. 

Sustainability increases profitability

Generally speaking, companies whose climate targets are aligned with those of the Paris Climate Agreement are more profitable.  Research article in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2022 (opens in new tab)

Supporting your journey to net zero

Swisscom is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and supporting climate protection projects on a growing number of services.

1.6 million-tonne reduction in CO2

Together with our customers, we saved almost 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 in 2022. Let us help you make your company more sustainable too.  Swisscom(opens in new tab)

Achieve your sustainability goals with modern ICT solutions 

Take advantage of modern tools that integrate data. By thus simplifying and automating your sustainability management, you can reduce your CO2 emissions. Use data-based simulations to identify potential for improving the sustainability of your business with digital solutions. 

Carbon management 

Start with carbon accounting 

Carbon accounting is a key element of your journey to net zero. By recording, evaluating and monitoring your company’s emissions, you create a knowledge base for making data-driven decisions and lay the foundation for automated carbon offsetting and reduction measures. 

CO2 reduction

Digital solutions for greater sustainability 

Our ICT solutions offer considerable potential for reducing your electricity consumption and emissions. Modern workplace solutions, for example, save resources by facilitating location-independent collaboration, while energy-efficient data centres make a smart alternative to operating your own in-house servers. 

Useful information about sustainability in companies 

Our solutions for reducing CO2 

Discover our solutions that use sustainable technology and help to reduce CO2 emissions (‘Sustainability’ set as filter). Use other filters to find your desired products. 


‘Since 1990, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 80%, and we want to be at 95% by 2025.’

Saskia Günther, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Swisscom 

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