Data-driven sustainability for businesses 

The data-driven reduction of CO2 emissions to net zero.

Sustainability is now a key competitive differentiator. Together with our partner network, we offer data-driven services to support you on your journey to achieving your sustainability targets. Manage your ESG targets efficiently, use data-driven carbon accounting to determine your current position, and identify measures to reduce CO2 at your company.

Data-driven sustainability means using modern tools that leverage data to simplify and automate sustainability management and reduce companies’ CO2 emissions. Carbon management software enables you to make data-driven decisions and lay the foundation for your carbon reduction pathway and your reduction measures – all in line with the SBTi standard.

Automated carbon and ESG reporting not only allows you to respond to the pressure from the supply chain and comply with strict regulations, but also enables you to reduce complexity, create data transparency and safeguard data availability within the company. This inspires trust, improves reputation, enhances your image among employees and helps the company’s classification with rating agencies, all of which have positive effects on the supply chain.

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What’s in it for you:

  • Modular sustainability services with a net-zero target
  • Evaluation and implementation of a suitable ESG or carbon accounting tool for you
  • Definition of reduction measures and a data-based reduction pathway

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive sustainability management with data-based IT solutions and services
  • Reliable compliance with all regulatory requirements for Swiss companies
  • Expert support on your tool-based journey to net-zero emissions

When is it the right solution?

Wherever you are on your net-zero journey, we will be happy to support you with our expertise. Whether you are at the start of your journey, are selecting and implementing a suitable carbon accounting and ESG software solution for efficient, data-driven sustainability, or you have unanswered questions, we understand which of our ecosystem resources, expertise and personnel you need to take the next step.

Your commitment not only supports Switzerland’s decarbonisation, but will also enhance your brand name and lay the foundation for trust-based customer relationships. Use your data to gain exciting insights into where you can further increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Calculate your carbon footprint using a data-based tool. Use it to create transparency, reduce complexity and identify changes you can make to effectively reduce your CO2 emissions, giving you a competitive advantage over your rivals and enabling you to respond to the challenges of your supply chain or comply with changing regulations.

Why Swisscom?

  • Comprehensive expertise: Leaders in smart ICT solutions, data integration and automated data management
  • Established network: The entire range of sustainability services is available within the Swisscom partner network
  • Sustainability is in our DNA: We have been engaging with sustainability since 1998 and are the most sustainable telecommunications company in the world.

Routes to data-driven sustainability

Start your journey

A modular, expanding range of products

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, we’re here to support you along the way. Develop your expertise with us and our partner network and use our range of services to meet your needs. The product range is being expanded and enhanced all the time.

Our data-driven sustainability portfolio includes consulting and workshops plus evaluation and implementation of your software solution. We are continuously updating and optimising our offering.

Our services at a glance

To get you off to a good start with your sustainability journey, we provide practical advice and the latest ICT solutions for data-driven sustainability.

Carbon Footprint and ESG Software Evaluation

Together, we establish where you currently are on your sustainability journey, agree your requirements and prioritise them so that we can create a selection of suitable tool providers for you.

  • Carbon management benchmark analysis
  • Agreement and prioritisation of decision-making criteria
  • Assessment and provider comparison to evaluate your software tool
  • Presentation of shortlist and recommendations

Sustainability Strategy Co-Creation Workshop

In this workshop, we identify reduction measures together and devise a concrete roadmap and the action to be taken. You will have a precise understanding of what the next steps look like and how to tackle them.

  • In-depth analysis of your carbon footprint
  • Identify ways to reduce emissions
  • Define reduction targets, develop ideas, estimate impact
  • Create roadmap of measures

Carbon Management and ESG Software

Take advantage of our experience of implementing numerous different tools and data in existing IT infrastructures, which allows us to present the best solution for your situation to fully meets your requirements. Within our ecosystem, we provide the following solutions: enterprise software solutions such as Microsoft Sustainability Manager (best-of-suite) or specific sustainability solutions such as Sweep (best-of-breed), which is suitable for both SMEs (Sweep Base Plan) and enterprise customers (Sweep Enterprise Plan).

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Mobility data

An anonymised database helps us to give accurate information about mobility behaviour. We do this using our mobile phone data, fleet data from our partner autoSense and mobility data from the Swiss Climate Challenge. It is only when we understand mobility behaviour that we can develop incentives to make it more environmentally friendly and to effectively reduce emissions resulting from mobility.

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Marketplace vision

Achieving the net zero target means transparently disclosing sustainability targets and measures, reporting them on an ongoing basis and improving them proactively. Our vision is to bring together and make available all the data and proven measures through a virtual marketplace in the partner ecosystem. This will enable all ecosystem participants to benefit and will help companies to implement data-driven reduction measures in a targeted manner.

Case Studies

The challenge

Within their mandatory climate disclosure, large companies must report their CO2 emissions throughout the entire value chain. This includes the emissions from all their suppliers.

The solution

With data-based, automated carbon management, emissions are measured, systematically recorded and reported using a suitable software tool. This includes regular, automated reporting.

The challenge

An SME wants to supply a large company. However, in order to do so, it must be able to account for its CO2 emissions. The SME is faced with the challenge of how to measure, report and potentially also improve its emissions. How and where should it begin?

The solution

An initial consultation provides clarity about the starting point and potential first steps. This is followed by an evaluation of a suitable tool and how to implement it. The data gathered provides information about the potential to reduce emissions and enables the establishment of an action-based reduction pathway.

The challenge

A company is looking for ways to remain competitive and be an attractive employer while at the same time further reducing its emissions. It has already identified that digitisation and IT present major opportunities here.

The solution

Processes and procedures are digitised and automated wherever possible, thus increasing efficiency. This enables the development of more innovative and sustainable products, which in turn reduces emissions. This is only possible thanks to IT services such as the cloud, IoT and Work Smart.

The challenge

A company already measures its emissions and enters these manually in Excel spreadsheets in order to process the data at a later date, interpret it and use it as the basis for developing appropriate measures. The effort and time required for data collection and reporting are extremely high.

The solution

The Tool Evaluation Service helps companies to select the tool that best suits their ambitions and requirements from the large number of providers. The company draws upon Swisscom’s expertise and automates its data collection and analysis. In return, it is able to focus on the core areas of its business.

The challenge

A large company has been engaged with the issue of sustainability for some time and would like to address this issue with its employees because changing their mobility behaviour has significant potential to reduce emissions. In the long term, sustainability should become firmly anchored in the corporate culture.

The solution

The Swiss Climate app is a fun way to increase employee engagement. It gives employees a transparent overview of their mobility emissions and makes them aware of where savings can be made in future. Of course, this is not enough on its own; additional measures which integrate employees within the organisation both horizontally and vertically are also essential.

‘The software tool shows users where potential CO2 savings exist and what a reduction pathway might look like.’

Peter Bachmann, Head of Sales and Marketing,

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