Cloud Security Governance for secure multi-cloud environments

Identify vulnerabilities with cloud security posture management (CSPM)

In hybrid and multi-cloud environments, staying on top of everything is a challenge. Swisscom Cloud Security Governance offers greater visibility of misconfigurations, threats and breaches of compliance.

Heterogeneous cloud landscapes have become the norm in many companies. However, in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, it can be difficult to implement security policies and ensure compliance. Different tools and solutions from public cloud service providers not only make pursuing a consistent security strategy a challenge, but they also increase the risk of configuration errors and the chance that vulnerabilities and cyberattacks could go unnoticed.

Cloud Security Governance improves visibility

For multi-cloud security, you need provider-independent security solutions. Cloud security posture management (CSPM) monitors both private and public cloud environments centrally and across multiple providers, improving visibility for companies and enabling the swift detection of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. This visibility is also key to ensuring traceability in the implementation of compliance requirements.

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Cloud Security Protection

Cloud Security Protection, a cloud workload protection (CWP) solution, will be available from June.

When is CSPM the right solution?

Despite taking the usual precautions for multi-cloud security, you are struggling to evaluate your measures and keep track. Effective cloud security posture management is proving a challenge and any vulnerabilities and misconfigurations remain undetected. This lack of visibility also makes it difficult to ensure compliance.

Cloud Security Governance gives you visibility of the security posture of your entire cloud infrastructure. You benefit from central monitoring, irrespective of the cloud providers used. CSPM delivers the information you need about your cloud security posture. And you’ve taken an important step towards implementing, evaluating and monitoring compliance and the required security policies.

Your benefits:

  • Transparency: Detect any misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • Standardised solution: Security is assured, irrespective of the public cloud provider
  • Compliance: Common compliance standards are integrated and can be supplemented with your own

The first step towards cloud security

Use cases: CSPM in practice

Cloud security posture management provides comprehensive vulnerability monitoring as part of a cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP). The aim is to help businesses swiftly improve their security posture, as these use cases show.

A lack of visibility ensures that vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations remain undetected and increase a company’s susceptibility to cyberattack. The Cloud Security Governance CSPM solution centralises monitoring and delivers information about misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, including for example:

  •     Insufficient data encryption
  •     Multi-factor authentication not activated
  •     Insufficiently robust passwords permitted
  •     Ports open to the Internet

Companies that are, or want to be, certified to security standards such as ISO 27001 need reports on the security posture of their entire cloud environment. The Cloud Security Governance CSPM solution delivers such reports at the touch of a button, making it easier to demonstrate your current compliance status.

Companies that use the public clouds and security tools of different providers face additional work due to the heterogeneous nature of the tools, features and reports. The Cloud Security Governance CSPM solution saves time and money by consolidating reporting across different cloud providers on one central platform.  

Moving a public cloud infrastructure to another provider involves significant effort, as the security policies must be adapted to the new environment and tools. The Cloud Security Governance CSPM solution ensures the constant implementation of security measures, irrespective of the public cloud service provider.

Why Swisscom?

Integrated solution

CSPM is available for our public cloud services or separately.  


Our solution works with all hybrid and multi-cloud combinations.  

Managed service

Take advantage of CSPM without impacting your operations, and ensure predictable costs.  

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