Cloud Sourcing

IT outsourcing to the cloud creates space for innovation

Cloud sourcing with Swisscom gives you the space and time to drive innovation forward. At the same time, you gain the assurance that your IT infrastructure is operated in high-performance, cost-efficient data centres run by Swisscom.

You can thus counter rising cost pressure, bring the latest IT expertise in-house and create transparency and security.

Needs-based outsourcing

You decide which part of your infrastructure you want to migrate to the cloud and we ensure the seamless integration into your environment. Using our hosting services frees up your IT staff and gives you the space to further develop your services and make yourself stand out in the market. You capitalise on potential cost savings and achieve greater flexibility

Expertise and speed

As an experienced partner, Swisscom offers reliable IT infrastructure and qualified specialists who are always up to date. Our market-tested methods and processes support you as incubators for innovation, restructuring and change management – from the pilot phase through testing and operation to continuous development. The managed infrastructure helps you to achieve more flexibility, greater capacity for innovation and faster project implementation.

Why opt for Managed Cloud Sourcing with Swisscom?

Established service

Rely on a comprehensive and established cloud offering that is continually being updated and optimised.

Maximum security

We can, if required, store data exclusively in Swiss data centres with jurisdiction in Switzerland – for maximum security.

Tailored solution

We continually tailor our services to your specific needs, so you receive the best solution for you.

Swisscom Cloud Sourcing Services

Managed Outsourcing Services

Use scalable and secure hybrid sourcing for particularly dynamic business areas.

IT Service Management

Create transparency, optimise your IT processes and ensure better performance.

IT Outsourcing

Free up your IT staff and create scope to develop your business further.

CyberVault Backup

Safeguard your last line of cyberdefence – your backup – from attack with a CyberVault with immutable backup – available for your Managed Outsourcing Services.

Fakten zur Cloud-Nutzung in der Schweiz

How our Cloud Sourcing service can support you

Customer requirement

The St. Galler Kantonalbank was looking to improve its customer centricity. The aim was to outsource some of its IT environment, creating scope to focus on digitising customer processes.

How Swisscom supports you

Swisscom took over operation of the IT infrastructure for the production and development environment of the Core Banking System as well as the peripheral systems (e.g. storage & backup management), databases and IT service management.

Customer requirement

For organisational and business reasons, a leading Swiss real estate company decided to outsource most of its entire IT infrastructure, including the IT department, to a specialised service provider.

How Swisscom supports you

Swisscom took over operation of the server infrastructure, including the Citrix platform as well as the basic engineering of the client software. It provided specific software packages and guaranteed operation of the WAN and LAN services as well as licence management.

Customer requirement

In a complex multi-sourcing environment, the IT department has to orchestrate the services of all providers. Regulatory requirements mean it needs visibility of the applications and workplaces at all times.

How Swisscom supports you

To ensure controllability in the context of multi-provider management, Swisscom verifies or consolidates your multi-sourcing environment. We provide a service architecture that guarantees consistent quality and takes dependencies and interfaces into account.

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