IT Service Management & Service Reporting

IT Service Management to keep your IT engine running reliably

Ensure that you always have the performance required for your applications. We support you with the measurement, monitoring, management and optimisation of your IT processes, giving you transparency and peace of mind – even with complex system landscapes. You also enjoy maximum performance for a lower cost.

Complete control over your IT services and processes

Do you use multi-cloud environments and run high-speed applications and workplaces? Or do you want to plan for workload peaks while ensuring full and sustained compliance with regulatory requirements? Amid the increasing complexity of system landscapes and processes, you want to get the most out of your investments in IT infrastructure and services. To do this, you need hard facts in the form of performance measurements, analyses, warnings, and a constant flow of control data.

Handle complex issues with service reporting and IT monitoring

Swisscom provides you with useful tools to efficiently monitor and further develop your processes while also ensuring their reliability. IT Service Management enables you to streamline the management of your IT services and gain a deeper understanding of your day-to-day business. Early warning systems help you avoid bottlenecks and the sound insights from our analyses facilitate successful optimisation planning.

What’s in it for you:

  • End-to-end application monitoring
  • Optimisation of your multi-cloud environment
  • Up-to-date reports and clearly designed dashboards

Your benefits

  • A quick, transparent overview of your complex IT systems
  • Identify and exploit optimisation potential with precise analyses and trends
  • Increase performance at lower cost with leaner management of your IT services

When is it the right solution?

Intelligent IT services and cloud infrastructures offer a great many benefits for your business. However, it is often difficult for you to maintain an overview, identify weaknesses and take appropriate action. You do not want additional expenditure or breakdowns to cancel out the benefits gained.

How well do Swisscom’s ICT services meet business requirements? How can you gain an instant picture of the availability and performance of business-critical applications? And how do you control the cost of your multi-cloud architecture to also keep your finance department happy?

With the help of our IT Service Management specialists, you receive the information from IT operations you need to help you operate, manage and optimise your IT services reliably.

Why Swisscom?

  • Individual: we focus on your specific requirements and needs.
  • Personal: providing our expertise and services at your premises.
  • Vendor neutral: we are familiar with the solutions of all key application and platform providers.

Our IT Service Management offering

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Get the most out of your IT infrastructure and services.

What we offer

There are various operational aspects involved in the use of multiple clouds. Our cloud experts provide support in minimising the administrative expense of your multi-cloud solution. We also help you maintain an overview and implement the necessary tools properly.

What is included
  • Cost optimisation: with automated cost control and planning
  • Placement: a clear placement strategy and governance to define the applications and data processed and their storage locations
  • Performance and capacity: monitoring with clear presentation of key figures for the system landscape, applications and network

We provide 24/7 end-to-end monitoring of your web and business applications using measuring robots which mimic defined user behaviour (scenario). This gives you and us a precise picture of performance and availability. As soon as a bottleneck is identified, an alert is triggered.

What is included
  • Scenario-based measurements: in your network, your Internet and smartphone apps
  • Web-based measurements: from the Internet or for web applications via Internet, intranet or extranet
  • Alerting of poor performance or availability

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«We benefit from Swisscom expertise and estimate the savings to be around 20%.»

Erich Schwab, Former Head of Information Systems, PSP Swiss Property

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