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PSP Swiss Property AG

Success Story of PSP Swiss Property

«We benefit from Swisscom great expertise and estimate the savings to be around 20 percent.»

Erich Schwab,
Head of Informatik, PSP Swiss Property

Successful partnership: How PSP Swiss Property outsources its IT workplaces including infrastructure and cuts costs

In order to focus entirely on its core business, real estate company PSP Swiss Property has been relying on a close partnership with Swisscom since 2003. By successfully outsourcing 100 IT workplaces together with infrastructure and services, the company is benefiting from a fast and stable IT system, a regular transfer of knowledge and technology as well as lower costs.

The holding company PSP Swiss Property Ltd., which owns properties and sites in top locations in Switzerland’s key business centres, is among the lead-ing Swiss real estate companies. The company, which is listed on the Swiss stock exchange, employs a workforce of around 80 employees in its Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Olten and Zug offices and focuses entirely on its core business – improving and further de-veloping its real estate portfolio valued at around 5.5 billion Swiss francs.


“We don’t do anything that others can do better. This is one of the reasons for our long-standing cooperation with Swisscom,” says Giacomo Balzarini, CFO of PSP Swiss Property, summing up his company’s philosophy. In the spring of 2003, the management of PSP Swiss Property thus opted to outsource its IT workplaces, including the accompanying infrastructure, to a specialist service provider for corporate and organi sational reasons. Following careful evaluation, Swisscom was awarded the contract. Besides specific specialist knowledge, the com-pany’s many years of experience and more stable,” states Erich Schwab, Head of IT at PSP Swiss Property.

Faster, stabler and more affordable

Following the launch of the project in the summer of 2003, everything proceeded according to plan: the installation of a new platform and new servers took place with no trouble at all and involved operating the server infrastructure, including a Citrix platform as well as basic client software engineering, providing specific software packages, operating the WAN and LAN services and licence management. “The decentralised operation and network and platform mo-nitoring posed the greatest challenges,” recalls Ueli Brönnimann, Account Executive at Swisscom. But the hard work paid off. “Not only is our net work faster than before, it is also more stable,” states Erich Schwab, Head of IT at PSP Swiss Property.

Based on customised service level agreements, PSP Swiss Property out-sourced all products and services that it was not able to provide itself cheaply and at the required high quality. In addition to mail and network components, this included end-user support services. While first-level support is still provided by the in-house IT department, Swisscom is responsible for second- and third-level support for the service desk at PSP Swiss Property’s data centre. “Swisscom wealth of ex-perience as well as its refreshing outside perspective generate genuine added value for us,” Erich Schwab adds. Not to mention the costs: “We estimate the savings potential to be around 20 percent of total costs,” explains Schwab.

From cooperation to partnership

Five years after the project launch, the management of PSP Swiss Property decided to extend the contract for another three years. The trusting and smooth cooperation on equal terms had developed into a close partnership with clearly defined tasks and responsibilities. In Erich Schwab’s opinion, the overall service package has been per-fect since the very beginning: “We have never regretted the decision to out-source part of our IT to Swisscom.”

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The benefits at a glance

  • Experience: Swisscom provides medium-sized and large companies in all industries with targeted IT services in the area of partial and full outsourcing. In addition, the IT service provider also works on customer-specific projects as well as on the develop-ment and maintenance of appli-cations. The company boasts one of Switzerland’s most advanced data centres and was one of the first service enterprises in Switzer-land to be certified for professional IT service management according to ISO 20000.
  • Price-performance ratio: Thanks to clearly defined services and costs, the partner knows exactly in ad-vance what the IT infrastructure costs for each member of staff each year. Completely transparent, at-tractive prices and a warranted price guarantee during the entire con-tract period complete the offering.
  • Efficiency: State-of-the-art, cost-saving technologies, extensive specialist knowledge coupled with industry know-how and guaran-teed continuous support assure available, highly flexible and fully scalable solutions that quickly help the partner to become more efficient.
  • Partnership: Regular personal contact, short and straightforward lines of communication as well as seasoned specialists on-site in all linguistic regions are the ideal prerequisites for a lasting part-nership based on trust.

These products are used by PSP Swiss Property

Connected Workplace Service

Holistic management solution for virtual workplaces including administration of business applications. Central data storage in the Swisscom data centre.

Dynamic Workplace Framework

Agile framework for your workplace environment at a fixed monthly price. Available for Rich Workplace and Connected Workplace platforms. Find out about Dynamic Workplace Framework now.

IT Service Desk

With our IT Service Desk, problems with IT workstations can be rectified quickly. Thanks to comprehensive professional help you save time and optimise productivity. Find out about the IT Service Desk now.

Rich Workplace

Holistic management solution for client workplaces, including software distribution, software packaging, asset management and best-practice security.

Field Service

On-site help with problems with IT workstations: Swisscom offers on-site hardware replacement, on-site administration services as well as VIP support for really fast solutions. Find out about the Field Service now.

IT Service Management

Application Measuring, Multiprovider Management Compliance Reporting, Notification Services and Advanced Reporting – transparent and optimised.