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Operating your own Data Center Services or data centres is expensive and ties up IT resources. Why not rely on our technological and service expertise and our proven practical experience instead? Our certified experts will show you how to set up the necessary on-premises, hybrid or cloud-based data centre.

Why choose Data Centre Solutions and Services from Swisscom?

Seamless system integration

We create holistic, end-to-end data centre solutions by integrating servers and data centre networks as well as a hyper-converged infrastructure with other components.

Established Data Centre Solutions

We understand the solutions provided by proven manufacturers and know their strengths. We can therefore use the individual components to create the ideal solution for you.

Data centres in Switzerland

We operate seven high-availability data centres that meet high security standards. Your data is stored georedundantly and exclusively in Switzerland.

Our Data Center Services and Solutions

Data Center Solutions

We provide system integration of established data centre solutions from Cisco, Dell Technologies, VMware and other partners.

Colocation & server housing

Operate your IT in one of our high-availability data centres, from a single rack to a private server room.

System integration

Allow your systems to grow with your company and leave the seamless integration of hardware and software to us.

Your journey to becoming a data-driven business

Ist Ihr Data Center bereit für die Zukunft?

Is your data centre ready for the future?

Join us at a half-day workshop where we will work with you to develop practical improvement and development approaches. We will show you how to outsource your data centre, get more from your data and reduce costs.

How we develop holistic data centre solutions

Speak to us if you are planning to rebuild your IT infrastructure. We provide independent advice and will recommend the right solution for you, irrespective of technology, device or manufacturer.

Multi Cloud

Advice and design

We will support you from the initial concept through to rollout and will continue to advise you thereafter. Our experts are well versed in the strengths and benefits of every solution, taking a joined-up approach and creating holistic data centre solutions from individual components.

Multi Cloud


We implement, test, migrate and optimise, creating end-to-end data centre solutions and services that are right for you.

Hybrid Cloud


We provide tailored support, 24/7 if required, and adapt our support services to meet your needs.

Hybrid IT


We operate your IT systems redundantly and therefore without interruption in secure, high-availability data centres in Switzerland.

Concrete examples of the support provided by our Data Center Solutions and Services

Example 1: End-of-life IT system

The customer requirement

Your IT system has reached the end of its life and can no longer meet the growing demands placed on modern IT systems. The data centre infrastructure must therefore be replaced, overhauled or rebuilt.

Our solution

Our interdisciplinary team of experts designs a high-availability, high-performing, scalable SDN-based infrastructure to underpin your innovative customer services. Your customers and employees can access systems and data more quickly than before, backups are faster, and the administration is more efficient. Moreover, the software-defined network facilitates the provision of automated processes to customers, thereby further improving self-service options.

Example 2: Maximum flexibility and automation

Example 3: Data security and availability

  • «Swisscom provides our servers with an optimum level of security.»  

    Philippe Fardel, GILAI

    Gilai Philip Fardel
  • «Our backup computer centre increases data security and operating reliability.»  

    Daniel Albisser, Privatbank IHAG
    Head of IT & Organisation

  • «It’s a brilliant feeling every time we enter our own room in the Swisscom Data Center.»  

    Burkhard Kapferer, Accarda AG
    Head of IT Operations

    Accarda AG, Burkhard Kapferer

Our data centres in short

Local throughout Switzerland

Standort Karte

We operate seven data centres in Switzerland for our business customers, where we provide hosting, housing and a comprehensive portfolio of cloud computing and managed services. There is sure to be one in your area: 

  • Basel-Grosspeter
  • Bern-Wankdorf
  • Geneva-Montbrillant
  • Lausanne-Savoie
  • Lugano-Cinque Vie
  • Zurich-Enge
  • Zurich-Herdern

The ultimate protection for your data

99.9 percent availability

Hybrid cooling systems for greater energy efficiency

Our Wankdorf data centre in Bern

  • Data Center Wankdorf

    Our Wankdorf data centre is one of the most advanced data centres in Switzerland and has Tier IV certification, the highest quality accolade in the world.

  • Data Center Wankdorf

    With a PUE value of 1.2, it is highly energy efficient. The waste heat generated is used to heat homes.

  • Data Center Wankdorf

    We have invested 3 years and CHF 60 million into our most advanced data centre.

  • Data Center Wankdorf

    You decide whether you require a private, customised server room or an individual rack.

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