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Data Center Solutions and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Do you need your data centres to respond to business needs in a highly flexible and reliable manner – with reasonable operating costs?

We’ll help you modernise your IT infrastructure, access the latest cloud technologies and integrate them into your systems.

Established data centre solutions from Cisco, Dell, VMware and other partners

Your IT infrastructure has to meet strategic and operational demands. Our certified experts have the experience you need to implement the required infrastructure at your desired location: on premise, as a hybrid solution or in your chosen cloud.

Our varied portfolio is designed for long-term deployment. Our real-world experience, up-to-date market knowledge and strategic partnerships with established manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell and VMware allow us to cater to your specific requirements. Whatever your preferred systems, we have the solutions.

Get ahead with our technological and service competence

Want to gain maximum value from your data centre solution? Our experts show you how. It starts with expertly combining the most suitable technologies and features, and then cleverly integrating these into your existing systems. Even commissioning doesn’t mark the end: you still have access to our professional support services, which further reduce complexity for you.

When is it the right solution?

Looking to modernise your long-term data centre infrastructure to manage capacity peaks, improve backup and archiving efficiency, or increase performance and flexibility? Maybe you lack internal resources you need.

Or there’s no expertise in integrating new technologies in your IT team. Maybe the task of selecting the right hardware or software seems overwhelming. Regardless of your industry or the size of your company, we will find the right combination of technologies, services and support for you – and hand over your new data centre infrastructure good to go.

Take advantage of our expertise, including SDN, Hybrid Cloud, container solutions or IT automation.  

Your benefits:

  • Adaptive data centre infrastructure: the flexible way to do business
  • Reduce complexity and free up resources for your business
  • Access the latest data centre technologies of leading manufacturers

Our Data Center Solutions offering

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ICT technology overview

Your data centre infrastructure is equipped with the latest generation of ICT technologies to enable the smooth operation of diverse applications:

graphic about how to enable smooth operation of diverse applications

Additional modern applications improve the flexibility, performance and security of your IT infrastructure:

graphic about additional modern applications

Application scenarios for Data Center Solutions

If you want your business to keep pace with innovation in the digital world and get the best from all clouds, Hybrid Cloud environments are essential. Move workloads to the Private Cloud or Public Cloud to increase agility and scalability.

Backup & archiving

The Public Cloud is a good disaster recovery location for an on-premises infrastructure. Backups are copied from the on-premise server to the cloud, and storage of non-system-critical data and workloads can be easily outsourced to the cost-optimised Public Cloud.

Disaster Recovery

The rapid recovery of business-critical applications is an essential part of a business continuity strategy. If your on-premise IT infrastructure fails, your IT applications will continue to operate seamlessly in the cloud. A hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution provides flexibility, greater stability and an improved user experience.


Cloud bursting is a useful response to a sudden increase in demand for IT resources: it involves instantly moving an application that is running in a private cloud or data centre to a public cloud. It offers the advantage of managing capacity peaks cost effectively through the temporary use of Public Cloud resources (pay as you use).

Companies that modernise their IT platforms ensure the continued functionality of all their applications, whether these are traditional business-critical applications or cloud native ones. SAP, Oracle and SQL environments all operate more efficiently when the IT infrastructure and data centre are up to date.


Containers are a virtualisation technique used to isolate individual applications from other processes. Unlike virtual machines (VMs), containers do not use a hypervisor to distribute the server’s physical resources to VMs below the operating system. Instead, virtualisation happens directly at operating system level. As a result, containers use existing resources much more efficiently than virtual machines – and enable a faster connection.

A hyperconverged infrastructure combines all the elements of a data centre in a single software defined system. Software and suitable servers replace expensive special hardware. The complexity of your data centre decreases significantly while scalability increases. You also benefit from lower operating costs, greater stability and better performance.

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