"With the AWS platform, our costs are 75% lower."

Julien von Siebenthal, CEO & Co-Founder

The story in brief:

Swisscom has checked and optimised the AWS platform used by medtech company SeedIMPULSE: the highly available foundation for the business.

Surgeons often work under considerable time pressure. The EZplan software – developed by Ernesto Durante and Julien von Siebenthal, founders of SeedIMPULSE SA – offers an advanced tool to help them plan operations efficiently and securely. A comprehensive AWS platform acts as a strong foundation for the operation of EZplan. Swisscom experts have checked it and adapted it to the high standards required by a medtech company.

About the SeedIMPULSE

  • Sector: medical technology
  • Headquarters: Epalinges

The project with Swisscom

  • 75% cost saving
  • Available 24/7
  • User- and customer-friendly, future-proof


These products are used by the Company

Amazon Web Services

With the Amazon Cloud Service, you can react quickly to market changes. Swisscom is your AWS Partner for your journey to the cloud.

Unwieldy, expensive infrastructure: what should I do?

The planning software developed by SeedIMPULSE relies on a three-dimensional CT imaging process. The system quickly provides the orthopaedic surgeon with the information they need to assess the condition of the joint and choose the most appropriate prosthesis. Clinics and surgeons pay a volume-based price for the software on a subscription basis. 

The IT infrastructure needs to meet high standards. Julien von Siebenthal, CEO of SeedIMPULSE, explains: “We want to offer our customers permanent availability and maximum user-friendliness. Surgeons tend to give up quickly if something doesn’t work perfectly right away. We also need to meet strict regulatory standards, such as HIPAA for the protection of patient data and PCI for the payment process.” 

Julien von Siebenthal describes the old Citrix-based solution as “unsuitable for start-ups”. It could take up too many resources that he would rather invest in software development. In order to reduce costs and, at the same time, radically simplify infrastructure operation, he turned to Amazon and Swisscom.

Julien von Siebenthal

"With the AWS platform, our costs are 75% lower."

Julien von Siebenthal, SeedIMPULSE SA

High agility thanks to well-conceived cloud architecture.

Swisscom experts examined SeedIMPULSE’s business needs in great detail and, as part of a Well-Architected Review, developed an impressive solution in a very short time. “We found collaborating with Swisscom’s cloud architects very purposeful and enjoyable,” remembers von Siebenthal. Swisscom’s experts recommended HIPAA- and PCI-compliant AWS WorkSpaces – and the use of other Amazon Web Services. With best practices incorporated in the architecture, a tailor-made virtual desktop infrastructure with minimal complexity was created. At the same time, the solution enabled SeedIMPULSE to improve the security, compliance and reliability of its services – at a much lower cost than before. 

Julien von Siebenthal sees a lot of potential in his new cloud infrastructure: “The AWS platform is the strong foundation for our business. With its high level of flexibility, it is the driving force behind our national and international expansion plans. Some of our operational worries have also disappeared. The platform is working brilliantly, and the surgeons are happy. We don’t have to worry about infrastructure issues anywhere near as much as before, so we can focus on our core business. We are very happy with the cost: we are paying around 75% less than before. With the support of AWS and Swisscom, we can look to the future with confidence.”