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Amazon Cloud for agile companies

Given the ever-increasing pace of market changes, products and services require constant review and have to be adapted immediately to new customer needs. Thanks to our public cloud service for Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can react faster to these changing requirements and demands.

Your AWS Managed Service provider and AWS partner

Businesses invest heavily in digital customer services, efficient collaboration and innovative technologies to maintain or improve their competitiveness. This increases demands on the IT infrastructure.

With services in a public cloud, companies benefit from optimum agility, process automation, cost optimisation and data protection. Swisscom’s Cloud Services for Amazon Web Services give you maximum flexibility for building your business in hybrid environments and shorten your time to market. What’s more, by moving IT workloads to the cloud, you can also minimise your CO2 emissions.

 Climate-neutral product

Your benefits

  • Modernise your applications and make your company more agile
  • Respond faster to trends and stay one step ahead
  • Effectively protect your business from IT failures or cyber attacks

When is it the right solution?

AWS Consulting for Amazon Web Services is ideal for any company that wants to react faster and with greater agility and flexibility to market changes by moving some or all of their IT tasks and applications to the cloud without losing control of their data or processes.


AWS Partner

Why Swisscom?

  • Comprehensive: you receive all ICT services and solutions from a single source.
  • Competent: our AWS-certified experts will support you throughout your journey.
  • Personal: our contact persons will visit you and advise you on site.: Unsere Ansprechpersonen besuchen Sie und beraten Sie vor Ort.

Getting started

Application Modernisation Assessment

In this one-day workshop, you will work with us to develop an action plan for application modernisation.

Migration Readiness Assessment

Our AWS-certified experts will help prepare your company for migration to the AWS Cloud.

Cloud Cost Reduction Assessment

Find out how you can cut costs by around 40 percent by optimising your cloud-based system landscape.

Optimization and Licensing Assessment

Discover what your optimised IT infrastructure would look like in the AWS Cloud and how you could benefit from potential savings.

Quotation for AWS

Modular, scalable design

Our Cloud Services for Amazon Web Services are highly flexible and scalable. You only pay for what you use.



ISG Provider Lens 2021

ISG Provider Lens, one of the leading market research and consulting firms in the IT sector, conducts an annual assessment of Swiss cloud providers. In its latest assessment, Swisscom was once again named a leader in Managed Services for Large Accounts.

Our AWS Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services is a platform for cloud infrastructure, PaaS and SaaS services. With our Cloud Services, you can run some or all of your IT tasks and applications in the hybrid AWS Cloud without having to worry about the technology or updates.

We advise you at every stage of the process, from solution design, integration and migration through to ongoing operation, and create reports that show you how to reduce costs, increase security or manage raw data in the data lake, for instance.

We support you in the migration of your data and workloads, application requests for example, to the private or public cloud. This increases agility and scalability and keeps costs under control at all times.

We analyse your existing applications, work with you to develop a dedicated strategy for AWS-compatible application modernisation and implement it consistently.

We analyse your raw data in the data lake to enable you to leverage its potential and derive profitable insights from it. To do this, we rely on big data and data warehouse solutions, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We relieve you of time-consuming tasks, automate processes or individual steps and optimise costs. We can take over incident management, cost control and support through to the complete operation of your IT landscape and AWS cloud.

Connect your internal network to an AWS Direct Connect location using a standard Ethernet fibre-optic cable and create direct virtual interfaces to public AWS Services or the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

Would you like to find out more?

Amazon Web Services by Swisscom

Manage your cloud transformation successfully and sustainably.

AWS Base Camp

Our workshop for kick-starting your journey to the cloud.

Cloud Foundation

Create a secure foundation for your cloud with our best practices.

Managed Services

Swisscom takes care of your cloud workloads, allowing you to focus on your core business.

VMware on AWS

Powerful hybrid cloud solution implemented quickly and easily.

Analytics and Data Services

Gain a competitive advantage with integrated AWS solutions.

Business IoT system solutions

Integrate IoT system solutions elegantly into the secure AWS Cloud.

Cloud Optimisation

Not on cloud nine with your cloud? A Well-Architected Review can help.

Have you started your container journey?

The secure and efficient way to bring your applications into the container world.

Database migration to AWS

... is like a house move: great when it’s completed, but not something you ever want to do again!

Security – Lessons learned and best practices 

We'd like to introduce you to AWS Security and make recommendations based on our own experiences.


Use energy-efficient cloud solutions and do without your own server infrastructure. This reduces your carbon footprint.

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us.