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Would your company like to take advantage of the wealth of services offered by global provider Amazon Web Services, but receive support on your journey to this cloud from a trusted local partner? Swisscom offers the end-to-end expert support you require, from design, implementation and migration right through to operation of your cloud solution.

Your benefits

High level of security

Short innovation cycles, fast time-to-market

Maximum scalability, consumption-based costs

When is it the right solution?

Market changes are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Companies are having to rethink and adapt their offerings at ever shorter intervals. Public clouds such as Amazon Web Services enable your business to respond flexibly to new requirements and changes.

What’s in it for you:

  • Public Cloud
  • Flexible, needs-based model
  • Technology that is always state of the art


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Why Swisscom?

  • Comprehensive: giving you all the support you require on your journey to AWS Cloud.
  • Individual: making sure we understand your requirements and integrating the cloud into your IT environment.
  • Personal: providing our expertise and services at your premises.

Getting started with AWS

Well-Architected Review

A certified cloud architect assesses your IT infrastructure based on best practices.

Managed Services

We manage your workload while you focus on your core business.

Quotation for AWS

Request a non-binding quotation

We help you navigate the world of Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Transformation

We understand your needs and support you on your journey to the AWS Cloud.


  • Journey to the cloud
  • AWS Base Camp
  • Cloud Consulting


  • Migration Services
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Multi Cloud


  • Cost Optimisation
  • Well-Architected Review
  • Security & Resilience
  • Connectivity
  • Managed Services


  • IoT
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Serverless


ISG Provider Lens Badge

ISG Provider Lens, one of the leading market research and consulting firms in the IT sector, conducts an annual assessment of Swiss cloud providers. In its latest assessment, Swisscom was once again named a leader in Managed Services for Large Accounts.

Our AWS Cloud Services


Professional services from local experts

Our certified engineers are there to advise you on addressing your individual challenges – whether in solution design, integration, migration or operation. Not only will we help your AWS solution get off the ground, we will also help you get the most out of it.

What is included

  • Solution design: integrated solutions, integration concepts, application modernisation
  • Integration & migration: target solutions, project integration, cloud migration
  • Experts on demand: for automation, security, cost optimisation, IoT and much more

Managed Services

Focus on core business

Reselling +

Swisscom – your sole contractual partner and point of contact

VMware Cloud on AWS

The best of both worlds

Cloud Access

Direct access to the cloud


Leverage real-time data to better understand your customers


Simplified IoT solutions on AWS

What our customers say

Cloud Transformation

Well-Architected Reviews performed

  • «With the AWS platform, our costs are 75% lower.»  

    Julien von Siebenthal, SeedIMPULSE SA

    CEO & Co-Founder  

    Julien von Siebenthal
  • «The Well-Architected Review and Database Migration with Swisscom enhanced many aspects, especially its performance and reliability. We significantly improved resilience through high-availability and disaster recovery and significantly improved the performance for our users!»  

    Marc Dätwyler, adfocus GmbH, CTO adfocus

  • «We are very pleased with the results of the Well-Architected Review conducted by Swisscom. It helped us to significantly improve our workload. Together with their cloud architects we were able to create a strategy to make the IoT application more robust and better plan future developments.»  

    Bruker, Product Owner

    Bruker Logo
  • «Our customers receive wide-ranging security for a good price.»  

    Iwan Vogel , mammut soft computing ag

    Founder and CEO

    Iwan Vogel , mammut soft computing ag
  • «Thanks to the Swisscom Global Public Cloud team, Blockchain AG can now provide resources for a variety of blockchain applications more easily and securely.»  

    Sven Möller, Swisscom Blockchain AG

    Head of Tokenization Services 

    Sven Möller, Swisscom Blockchain AG
  • «Our AWS infrastructure has benefited from the Well-Architected Review to enable us to proper monitor the use of the AWS services. The process is particularly clear and detailed and has provided an overview of architecture, security, operations and cost management. It has helped us improve deployments on our servers as well as optimize costs.»  

    Yves Jusot, DroneAnalytics

    Co-founder & CEO

    Yves Jusot, DroneAnalytics

Would you like to find out more?

Amazon Web Services by Swisscom

Manage your cloud transformation successfully and sustainably.

AWS Base Camp

Our workshop for kick-starting your journey to the cloud.

Cloud Foundation

Create a secure foundation for your cloud with our best practices.

Well-Architected Review

Standardised testing and optimisation of your cloud architecture.

Managed Services

Swisscom takes care of your cloud workloads, allowing you to focus on your core business.

VMware on AWS

Powerful hybrid cloud solution implemented quickly and easily.

Analytics and Data Services

Gain a competitive advantage with integrated AWS solutions.

Business IoT system solutions

Integrate IoT system solutions elegantly into the secure AWS Cloud.

Cloud Optimisation

Not on cloud nine with your cloud? A Well-Architected Review can help.

Have you started your container journey?

The secure and efficient way to bring your applications into the container world.

Database migration to AWS

... is like a house move: great when it’s completed, but not something you ever want to do again!

Security – Lessons learned and best practices 

We'd like to introduce you to AWS Security and make recommendations based on our own experiences.

Cloud Workshop

White paper AWS security

The AWS Security whitepaper covers the most important security-related aspects of Amazon Web Services by Swisscom.

White paper ‘From data centre to the cloud in 5 easy steps’

This checklist explains how to optimally manage your journey from on-premise data centre to hybrid cloud.

Cloud Workshop

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