“Our customers receive wide-ranging security for a good price.”

mammut soft computing ag is a leading manufacturer of international multi-bank-capable software solutions for e-banking and cash management. Swisscom and mammut have developed the rent.a.mammut cloud product – a Software-as-a-Service solution that has major benefits for customers.


Until now, locally-operated finance software was the gold standard where security was concerned. However, many virus attacks have revealed weaknesses, especially at companies in which the IT infrastructure is not maintained care­fully. Additionally, mammut’s customers had to perform updates themselves – e. g. for the ISO-20022-standard.


On the basis of Amazon Web Services, the company offers its tried and tested software as a rental model in a state-of-the-art cloud environment. The cloud infrastructure is operated by certified Swisscom experts, and mammut is responsible for the data and the application. mammut’s customers benefit from a secure, attractively priced complete package.

mammut soft computing ag

> Sector: business banking software

> Customers: approx. 3500 (banks, SMEs, enterprise customers, private individuals)

> Locations: Oberentfelden (headquarters), Paris, Dakar

> Year founded: 1993

> Employees: 15

> Motto: “Electronic banking with expertise and passion!”


Iwan Vogel

Founder and CEO,
mammut soft computing ag

Mr Vogel, please complete the following sentences.

To me, Amazon Web Services by Swisscom means ...

“… expertise and security from a reputable partner.”

We are pleased with the solution because …

“… we offer a future-oriented product together with a leading company.”

Our customers benefit from rent.a.mammut because …

“… they receive wide-ranging security for a good price.”

My advertising slogan for rent.a.mammut is:

“We take you to the cloud with a smile.”

This product is used by mammut soft computing ag