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Loeb AG

Success Story of Loeb AG

«If we use UCC properly, there will no longer be any limits to our collaboration.»

Fabian Imwinkelried,
responsabile IT, Loeb AG

Loeb tests new forms of collaboration.

In partnership with Swisscom, which already looks after its IT outsourcing, Loeb is testing out Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) solutions as a way of supporting its teamwork.

Video Conferencing as the initial trigger.

How did Loeb come across UCC? “When a Swisscom employee was unable to attend an outsourcing meeting, he participated in a video-conference on the spot with an iPad”, recalls Fabian Imwinkelried, IT manager at Loeb. “It was cool, made an impression and made us want UCC too.” Loeb therefore decided to look more closely at the benefits of UCC and explore what it could be used for.


Hard facts: expand more effectively with UCC.

Department stores are facing ever-increasing competition, especially from online shops based in Switzerland and abroad. Loeb has therefore adopted a growth strategy. A total of nine new stores are being opened in the first phase. As the company grows, the demands on its communications infrastructure are also increasing. “We are exploring how UCC can help us with this. Chats and video-conferences that can be organised from anywhere, for example, enable us to reduce travel time – as well to arrange and easily hold meetings at short notice.

Soft factors: UCC as part of a culture change.

In the department store sector, it is the people who achieve success, which is why Loeb is strongly committed to its employees. Standards are high, and the same is true of the tools used. “UCC supports the switch to new forms of communication. In future, it shouldn’t matter where someone lives. People will be able to work wherever they like, whenever they like – and they will all be in communication with each other,” says Imwinkelried. “If we use UCC properly, there will no longer be any limits to our collaboration.”

‘Try & enjoy’ as a test principle.

There is no fixed agenda. “We are testing out how UCC can help us communicate and collaborate. Our approach is relaxed, our test principle is ‘try & enjoy’,” explains Imwinkelried. “It’s made possible by occasional training sessions held in the workplace. We are shown the new possibilities and we try them out immediately with the help of the Swisscom experts.” People’s experiences are regularly evaluated at meetings. Fundamental questions are also on the agenda. “UCC is only as good as how it is used. The key task will be to introduce it to all the employees and enthuse them about UCC.”

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