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Telehousing metro

“It is liberating that we no longer need to worry about our basic infrastructure.”

The HOPPE Group develops, produces and markets door fittings and window handles. With its high-quality branded fittings, the company, which is active throughout the world, is the market leader in Europe. Its server infrastructure is securely housed by Swisscom using Telehousing metro.


Previously, HOPPE operated its server in its own data centre in South Tyrol, Italy, near its head
office in Müstair, in the Swiss Canton of Grisons. Power failures, flood risks and expensive emergency radio connection led the company’s management to seek a new solution: should the company invest in a new building of its own or outsource to a colocation model?


Swisscom has been looking after the HOPPE server infrastructure for five years, and will continue
to do so for the next five. The two Swisscom Data Centers in Zurich, where the server infrastructure is hosted, operate a strict security regime: climate, power supply, access control, broadband connection, etc. are provided to a standard that even banks trust.


> Sector: building hardware

> Locations: 21 worldwide, seven of which are production plants

> Structure: owner-managed family business

> Employees: approx. 2700

> Worldwide competence leader in fitting systems


Gerhard Kapeller

IT Infrastructure Manager for the HOPPE Group

Mr Kapeller, please complete the sentence.

Thanks to Telehousing metro…

“…we haven’t had a single IT power failure in five years”.

We are pleased with the solution because…


“…the high level of security and trust give us a feeling of comfort”.

Telehousing metro helps us to advance because…

“…for us, working with basic infrastructure is lost time”.

My advertising slogan for Telehousing metro is:

“Secure, worry-free, liberating!”

This product is used by HOPPE Group