«Together with Swisscom, we’re ready for the digital transformation.»

Gerhard Kapeller, IT infrastructure manager, HOPPE Group

The story in brief:

The HOPPE Group uses Microsoft Azure from Swisscom: a scalable, future-proof IT solution.

Established in 1952, HOPPE is nowadays a globally active corporate group with its headquarters in Müstair, Grisons. The HOPPE Group develops, produces and markets door and window hardware made of aluminium, stainless steel, synthetic materials and brass. With around 2,600 employees, it is the market leader in its segment throughout Europe. Its network and telephony services have been provided by Swisscom for many years, as well as an on-premise data centre solution in more recent times.


  • Sector: Industry & construction
  • Employees: approx. 2,600

The project with Swisscom

  • Building of cloud know-how through Journey to the Cloud workshop
  • Successful proof of concept as basis for decision-making
  • Outsourcing of IT systems from Swisscom data centre to Microsoft Azure


This product is used by HOPPE Group

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Leverage Microsoft Azure Cloud with Swisscom as your Cloud Computing partner: we offer consulting, implementation, operation, reselling/support.

Journey to the Cloud

With Journey to the Cloud Services, Swisscom supports your cloud initiative with consulting, integration and transformation services from a single source.


Having originally operated its own data centres, which were susceptible to power failures and flood risks in South Tyrol, HOPPE took a huge step with Swisscom eight years ago by moving its IT to two Swisscom data centres in Zurich. The company wanted to outsource responsibility for its basic infrastructure at the time and is now keen to push further forward with the digital transformation.

As market leader, it needed a scalable, future-proof solution. This was no easy task, since the company’s internal cloud-related know-how and understanding had to be developed before its existing traditional IT environment could be seamlessly migrated to a modern environment.

Portrait Gerhard Kapeller

«Together with Swisscom, we’re ready for the digital transformation»

Gerhard Kapeller, IT infrastructure manager


At a Journey to the Cloud workshop, the HOPPE Group was provided with relevant cloud-related know-how, the advantages of the cloud were explained and the most suitable approach to migration was discussed. As well as migrating data to the cloud, updating the company’s infrastructure and extending its existing contracts was an option it considered. However, after a successful proof of concept, it became clear that the company should move its IT systems to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.For HOPPE, Azure is not only a contemporary and flexible cloud solution, it is also a modern, scalable platform for the future, which will support and drive forward the company’s digital transformation. “Swisscom always instils in us a sense of security and trust,” says Gerhard Kapeller, IT infrastructure manager for the HOPPE Group: “With Swisscom, we are ready for the next step into the future and, therefore, into the cloud.”


Hans-Peter Weiss

Azure Solution Architect

Portrait Hans-Peter Weiss

"We accompanied HOPPE on their Journey to the Cloud from the very beginning. We started with an Azure Starter Kit workshop for the technological introduction and explanations of digitization possibilities. As part of a Proof of Concept, we then went about setting up their Azure environment - governance, landing zone, connectivity, etc. The actual migration of their approximately 247 virtual machines and 345 databases from Swisscom's colocation server rooms was largely carried out by HOPPE themselves. We also accompanied them through this step on their Journey to the Cloud, and togheter we made the migration to Azure a success."