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With modern container infrastructures, you can deploy cloud-native applications quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Native gives you access to the full potential of the cloud. We will be happy to advise you on this as part of our Cloud Native Consulting. 

Swisscom supports you with the management and orchestration of container architectures with certified Kubernetes options, OpenShift and the Cloud Foundry platform for easy deployment. You can then focus on applications and your customers while benefiting from the reliability and flexibility of Cloud Native Services.

With Swisscom Cloud Native, you can operate applications in the private cloud, public cloud or multicloud environment of your choice. This gives you the flexibility you need to respond quickly to your customers’ needs or drive forward innovation.

Cloud Native is a driver for innovation and new business models: the CI/CD pipeline brings new services and applications quickly and automatically to customers, significantly reducing rollout time. Fast track your innovations!


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Foundation Memberships & Certifications

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Comprehensive services for container platforms

Swisscom Services

Swisscom’s Cloud Native offering includes comprehensive services for container platforms, from consulting and operation to complete automation and Platform-as-a-Service (Cloud Native PaaS).

Operation and Monitoring

We operate and monitor container platforms with Kubernetes and OpenShift, including workload management and automation of the delivery pipeline.

Application Operation and Management

We take over the operation of cloud-native applications as part of our comprehensive application management service.

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Consulting and Professional Services

We support you with the development of secure container platforms including run-time environment for applications and CI/CD pipeline.

Discover the possibilities of Cloud Native

Container Services

Cloud orchestration services for efficient application provisioning.

Why Cloud Native with Swisscom? 

Flexible and platform-independent

Enjoy maximum flexibility and scalability with Swisscom Container Services. Run your applications on the cloud infrastructure that meets your needs.

Automated and secure

Thanks to our standardised processes for deployment and operation, you benefit from high quality and security for your cloud-native applications.

Tried and tested experience

Take advantage of Swisscom’s many years of experience in the development and operation of cloud-native platforms. Swisscom is actively involved in the further development of the Kubernet ecosystem; for example, from the operation of more than 40,000 containers and as a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Cloud Native Services by Swisscom

Your organisation needs a solid foundation for a cloud-native infrastructure, which must also meet compliance and security requirements.

How Swisscom supports you

With our many years of experience operating our own cloud infrastructures, Swisscom offers professional advice and support in the setup and operation of cloud-native environments, ensuring that you are on the right path from the outset.

You need a fast and agile way to provide your customers with applications and new functionalities.

How Swisscom supports you

Our professional consulting on setting up and operating cloud-native environments and CI/CD pipelines rests on many years of experience. We have also played an active role in developing the underlying technologies, which can only be to your advantage.

You need an infrastructure that enables you to respond quickly to constantly changing market and customer requirements and add value.

How Swisscom supports you

We have been actively involved in the further development of cloud-native infrastructures for many years as a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). We therefore have the first-hand experience to support your projects.

You want to focus on value creation and outsource the professional orchestration of container clusters with Kubernetes and OpenShift.

How Swisscom supports you

We operate around 40,000 containers on our own platform. With Swisscom Cloud Services, you benefit from this experience.

Your company is in finance? We take your Fast IT to the next level with cloud-native developments.

You are aware of the drivers of hybrid and multi-cloud environments and you are already looking at using cloud-native developments to take innovation in your business models and services to the next level? Or are you simply interested in better understanding what you need to take your Fast IT to the next level? Our extensive banking know-how and field-tested experience, combined with our cloud-native expertise, enables us to support you holistically and with the desired traction in expanding your cloud journey today.

If 2020 has made one thing clear to us, it is the relevance of cloud services: Without the cloud, it would have been impossible to ensure our employees' ability to work and customers' digital access within the shortest possible time.

If cloud agility and innovation remain top priorities for your bank, let our experts inspire you and get in touch with us with no obligation.    

Want to find out more?

Software Tools as a Service

Our software toolchain incorporates tools covering the entire CI/CD process.  

Kubernetes Cluster Management

We deliver end-to-end operations and automated toolchain provision.

Combined – for fast IT for your bank

«Combined» is a holistic IT portfolio comprising Professional and Managed Services.

Application Integration & Modernisation

We modernise, containerise and integrate your applications.

Managing Multi Cloud: the most important aspects

How to meet the challenges of Multi Cloud management.

Application to Container on AWS

How are applications migrated securely and efficiently to the container environment?

Swisscom’s cloud offering

We have a multifaceted, comprehensive range of services to offer the specific support you are looking for. Some of our solutions are featured below and you can find the full portfolio here.

Enterprise Service Cloud

IaaS, entirely in Switzerland: secure hybrid cloud storage with data stored in Switzerland.

Dynamic Computing Services

Servers, storage, data centres and managed services from the Swisscom Cloud.

Application Cloud

Scale innovative applications to your needs within minutes.

Container Services

Cloud orchestration services for efficient application provisioning.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Use cloud infrastructure, PaaS and SaaS services from the AWS Hybrid Cloud.

Microsoft Azure by Swisscom

Microsoft’s cloud adapts flexibly to your business and its needs.

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us.