• Enterprise Application Cloud

    Giving you the freedom to focus on developing

The Enterprise Application Cloud offers a secure, efficient environment in which to develop and run applications. With this powerful Platform as a Service (Managed PaaS) product, you can work extremely productively without having to worry about infrastructure issues.

Your benefits

Reduce your time-to-market to a few minutes

No investment in infrastructure or operation

Valuable support from a field-proven team of Swisscom experts

When is it the right solution?

As a company, you need to effortlessly keep pace with digitisation and launch your new applications in record time. You would rather not invest in your own, expensive development environment and want to save yourself the hard work of managing a complex infrastructure. Your DevOps teams should be able to focus on their core activities.

 Climate-neutral product

What’s in it for you:

  • Managed PaaS – all data remains in Switzerland
  • Open standards with Cloud Foundry
  • Dedicated services (database etc.)

Our Partners

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Why Swisscom?

  • High availability: we offer up to 99.9% availability.
  • Transparency: costs are charged on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Complete service catalogue: to meet your every need, including MongoDB Enterprise.

Enterprise Application Cloud offer

Let’s talk about your needs

Is your company planning to take advantage of the Enterprise Application Cloud? We will be happy to prepare a no-obligation offer. Contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • «We are transforming our business model, as we are moving away from the product and focusing more on being a service business. The Swisscom Enterprise Application Cloud is the means by which to do this.»  

    Andreas Häberli, dormakaba Group


    Andreas Häberli
  • «The speed, the freedom and the simplicity of the App Cloud are simply impressive.»  

    Adrian Fischer, Swisscom Cross Channel Management

    Project Manager Application Development

    Adrian Fischer, Swisscom Cross Channel Management


ISG Provider Lens Badge

ISG Provider Lens, one of the leading market research and consulting firms in the IT sector, conducts an annual assessment of Swiss cloud providers. In its latest assessment, Swisscom was once again named a leader in Managed Services for Large Accounts.


Useful services

Simplify the development and maintenance of your business apps using the diverse features of our Cloud Marketplace Services – up to 99.9% availability.

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Do without your own server infrastructure and use the energy-efficient Enterprise Application Cloud. This reduces your carbon footprint.


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