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Rely on our secure and dynamic private cloud solution from Switzerland.

With a local, experienced partner who understands your complex requirements and provides you with impressive IaaS and PaaS solutions: including seamless integration within your corporate network, infrastructure and processes, as well as maximum availability and data storage in Switzerland.

Ideal for complex hybrid environments

As a large corporate, you are sure to have noticed the ever-growing complexity of your IT infrastructure. And you now have to combine it with a cloud? Or perhaps you need to expand your existing cloud environment? It is important to approach these steps with due care for you may need to process sensitive data and comply with stringent Swiss regulations, and high performance is important for your processes. Maximum reliability and low latency are essential.

How can you deploy a cloud solution to help you increase the flexibility and impact of your company – and at the same time consistently implement your ‘must haves’ in the new hybrid landscape?

Swisscom Private Cloud – including secure integration

Swisscom Enterprise Service Cloud provides convincing answers. We know what we’re talking about because we built the platform together with Dell and VMware, and we operate and use it ourselves. Experienced Swisscom engineers seamlessly connect your on-premise infrastructure to your highly scalable private cloud in our Swiss data centres. They also ensure secure business integration. With a range of established components and services, it is possible to reduce complexity and realise the full potential of your cloud solution. The cloud solution can also be combined with network, security and managed services that are fully aligned to the customer’s needs.

Our partners

Zertifizierter AWS Partner
Zertifizierter AWS Partner

When is it the right solution?

Your large corporate operates complex IT infrastructures. Business places high demands on performance, scalability, flexibility and security. A dynamic cloud solution can help your business become more responsive in the market.

There are many cloud-based solutions. But which is secure enough to guarantee full protection of your sensitive data? Which provider has the expertise to integrate your processes cleanly, and significantly reduce the burden on your operations?

Our Corporate Cloud Services have been specifically designed for integration in large corporates with complex IT landscapes and sensitive data. You benefit from the highest security standards and certified data centres in Switzerland. Our Swisscom specialists will guide you to precisely the right solution.

Your benefits

  • Cost optimisation with the pay-per-use model
  • Flexible scaling of resources as needed
  • The highest standards of security

Our Enterprise Service Cloud offers

Cloud Transformation

We understand your needs and support you on your journey to the Enterprise Service Cloud.


  • Journey to the Cloud
  • Cloud Consulting


  • Migration Services
  • Multi Cloud


  • Cloud Optimisation
  • Well-Architected Review
  • Security & Resilience
  • Connectivity
  • Managed Services

Enterprise Service Cloud – the main components

The cloud platform and cloud management are multitenant, and it is a virtual private cloud offering. This means that while our customers share physical resources, they are logically isolated and never share data.

We integrate your existing identities for access to the cloud portal and API. Existing groups can be mapped to roles in the cloud. Roles are used to grant users permissions and rights.

The cloud platform and its cloud management ensure maximum reliability and low latency. With availability of up to 99.9 percent and 24/7 support.

When deploying and modifying cloud services, your specific business processes can be integrated into workflows.

You can choose different catalogues and services. The catalogues contain role and user rights. You can modify the catalogues and create your own blueprints as required.

The cloud platform complies with the highest security requirements and is certified to ISO 27001. With further measures implemented by Swisscom, the platform is also secure enough to accommodate the workloads of particularly sensitive industries, such as banking or health, for example.

All changes to your own data are logged and are available to you at any time. Swisscom guarantees audit legislation compliance and an audit trail.

Resources that are ordered from and provided by the Cloud Management tool are conveniently managed in the self-service user portal or API.

Why Swisscom?


Benefit from our experience.


You have access to local experts who have access to global expertise when needed.


You receive everything from a single source.

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Do without your own server infrastructure and use the energy-efficient Private Cloud. This reduces your carbon footprint.

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