Managed private cloud with on-prem IT

Choose sovereign on-prem IT as part of your Enterprise Cloud solution

Combine the benefits of a highly automated, high-performance private cloud with the autonomy of on-prem IT infrastructure.

High demands are placed on institutions with critical infrastructure because their service must continue to operate smoothly and reliably during power failures, cyberattacks and acute threats. To meet these demands, the well-established Swisscom Private Cloud (Enterprise Service Cloud) has been extended to include an on-prem IT solution. It delivers reliable business continuity, even during a complete loss of external connectivity. In addition to fast and flexible scaling, it offers maximum autonomy and data control. Your managed private cloud is therefore not only cost efficient, but can also be tailored to your individual needs thanks to the curated managed service catalogue (IaaS).

When is it the right solution?

Do you want to preserve the business continuity of your business-critical applications? Do your employees need to have access to your data, even during network issues and power or Internet outages? Would you like to protect your infrastructure from power failures and cyberattacks, while at the same time benefiting from maximum data sovereignty?

Sectors with strict compliance guidelines and specific performance requirements benefit from our Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem, which is operated at your premises and meets the highest security standards.  It means that logistics centres, public authorities, administrations and hospitals, for example, can enjoy data sovereignty and business continuity despite huge data volumes, even during an external loss of connectivity. Business continuity is ensured and consequential financial losses are contained.

Within our managed private cloud solution, the operation of infrastructure as a service and managed services is fully automated. You can select and configure these in the self-service portal. This independent management of resources helps you to increase productivity, reduce the probability of error and focus on your core business. If necessary, you can scale rapidly and reduce your time to market for an improved customer experience and higher sales. 

Your benefits:

  • Data storage in your on-prem data centre and operation in Switzerland
  • Availability of critical applications and instantiated services, even in a crisis
  • Flexibly scalable, automated private cloud and managed services 

Your journey to our Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Services at a glance

The Enterprise Service Cloud includes the following standard services, which you can select in the self-service management portal and have operated as a managed service at your company.

Das ist eine Grafik über die Services von Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem

Additional services (such as professional services) can also be selected from the Enterprise Service Cloud catalogue. Get in touch to find out more.

Everyday use cases

Here is a small selection of specific practical challenges and solutions showing how Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem can support companies or institutions with critical infrastructures day to day. 

For strategic and security reasons, a logistics provider cannot move its local production control to the cloud. However, the company wants to use a modern, flexible infrastructure, manage additional services itself and use as few resources as possible for its IT operations.

The solution

Our edge cloud acts as the local production infrastructure while the Swisscom Cloud serves as a backup for the IT systems that do not have to be on the premises. If necessary, a CyberVault Backup(opens in new tab) solution is available, which maximises security for the backup.

Hospitals have to stay up and running even during a power outage or network fault and need full access to their data at all times. They also need to be protected from cyberattacks and mitigate short-term peak loads.

The solution

A local, autonomous edge cloud installation combined with an Enterprise Service Cloud zone. The flexible IT architecture guarantees maximum availability and covers peak loads via the Swisscom Cloud. Operation and automation are ensured by the same team and the same processes as for the Swisscom Private Cloud. If the provider’s connectivity is lost, the hospital’s own data centre maintains business continuity for its business-critical applications and all instantiated services continue to run. This requires the hospital to ensure a reliable power supply. For ransomware protection, the backup can be enhanced with a CyberVault Backup(opens in new tab) solution.

A public sector institution with high data protection requirements wants to continue using its local data centre but does not have its own personnel resources to operate the IT solution. It wants to stay protected from cyberattacks.

The solution

An edge cloud in the local data centre combined with a Swisscom Cloud Zone ensures a high degree of automation and stable operations. Operation and automation in the Swisscom Cloud enable the institution to focus on its core expertise. The modern IT solution has high availability and the Swisscom Cloud reliably covers any peak loads. Data sovereignty is guaranteed at all times. The CyberVault Backup(opens in new tab) serves as a possible extension. 

Why Swisscom?

Business continuity

Autonomous operation is also guaranteed in times of crisis and all instantiated services continue to run during an external loss of connection.

Maximum data security

Physical proximity to the provider and the unrestricted sovereignty of your data are guaranteed at all times. Your data never leaves Switzerland.

Comprehensive portfolio

Swisscom has an experienced and highly skilled team with in-depth private cloud expertise and offers you a comprehensive portfolio from a single source.

«The modern business world is volatile and uncertain. With Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem, we keep business-critical applications up and running should the worst happen.»

Lukas Hebeisen, Head of Product Line Cloud, Swisscom

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