Managed Data Center with Dynamic Computing Services (DCS)

Dynamic Computing Services: The right amount of IT power you require

With Dynamic Computing Services, you always have access to the performance you need. You only pay for what you use, meaning that you can optimise your IT costs by adjusting processing power and storage requirements flexibly to your needs. Your IT infrastructure is managed redundantly in fail-safe, highly available data centres in Switzerland.

Data Center Services: the virtual data centre

The Dynamic Data Center is your high-performance, cost-efficient data centre in the Swisscom Cloud. You configure the processing power, RAM and storage space without the need for weeks of setup or integration planning.

If you need more or less RAM, you simply adjust the configuration in the management tool. The DCS portal and vCloud Director are so easy to use that there’s no need for our assistance. New users can simply register online and start using the live system within a few hours.

Dynamic Storage (S3): always sufficient storage

With Dynamic Storage, you can expand your local storage solution independently of location and georedundantly in the cloud. Your data is stored at a Swisscom data centre in Switzerland and is available 24/7.

Dynamic Storage is a flexibly scalable managed service that is particularly suited to large data volumes; for instance, as a backup, restore or data archiving solution for the secure external storage of important company data. This virtual storage option is also the ideal add-on for disaster recovery solutions.

Disaster Recovery: robust IT services

Service interruptions, data loss or malware attacks represent real risks for your IT services. With DCS, we offer different measures to effectively protect your IT infrastructure: redundant data centres, mirrored storage with backup function, highly available backup S3 storage or VMware Cloud Director Disaster Recovery – on premises in your data centre or directly on our virtual cloud platform.

 Climate-neutral product

Your benefits

  • Agile: Adjust your IT infrastructure to your needs at the touch of a button
  • Highly available: Your IT infrastructure is managed redundantly in fail-safe Swiss data centres (certified to ISAE 3402, ISO 9001, 14001, 20000-1 and 27001 and the GDPR)
  • Flexible: Seamlessly integrate your virtual network into the Swisscom Cloud (Enterprise WAN or BNS)

When is it the right solution?

Large enterprises have to respond swiftly to market changes and customer requirements, and radically shorten the time to market of their products or services. With immediately available and easily scalable IT resources, you are ready for agile, future-proof projects with ongoing operations guaranteed.

To meet these demands, it is important that the IT infrastructure is kept up to date and flexible. This takes time that you don’t have and money you need for investments in other projects.

Nevertheless, you still have to ensure the availability of the infrastructure, the security of all critical and non-critical company data and business continuity. Achieving this with your own IT infrastructure is expensive because of ever increasing complexity and a lack of employee knowledge or skills in many IT departments.

Why Swisscom?

  • 99.9% availability: Access your IT infrastructure and data round the clock – and protect your IT systems from interruptions and data loss.
  • 24/7 support: Our experts are there to provide you with individual, personalised support.
  • API: Use this programming interface to improve automation and to access our DCS portal and your asset management.

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​ New customers can currently save CHF 600.– As a new DCS customer, you will receive CHF 300.– credit on each of your first two monthly bills.


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Dynamic Computing Services components

With Dynamic Data Center, you can configure your virtual data centres and adjust CPU, RAM or storage to your specific requirements, without the need for a lengthy integration project: simply register online and get started within a few hours.
Dynamic Storage is an integrated, object-based storage facility, offering highly available, encrypted and unlimited storage space for your data backups or data archive. With Dynamic Storage, you can expand your local storage solution independently of location and redundantly in the cloud.

VMware vCloud Availability (vCAv) enables seamless VM Cloud migration and disaster recovery in the Swisscom Dynamic Computing Services Cloud, making the implementation of your cloud strategy child’s play.

Setup and operation are straightforward, secure and cost effective. vCAv also simplifies your cloud migrations and onboarding projects, and accelerates your hybrid cloud strategy. Site recovery management for your local data centres supports the automatic replication of local, virtual machines to DCS.

  • Licence shop: buy licences for Microsoft and third-party providers directly from the DCS portal
  • Fast ramp-up: order via the website, onboarding in one to two working days
  • Catalogues & services: service catalogue with blueprints for different services
  • vCD API user: simple operation using the vCloud Director REST API
  • Billing: monthly billing, current overview of resource consumption
  • Self-service portal: manage your environments and resources independently and flexibly

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Do without your own server infrastructure and use energy-efficient Dynamic Computing Services. This reduces your carbon footprint.

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